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Posted 15 June 2004
At 9:09
Jukeboxes, running and hard disks...

i have hammered my iPod on the tramac (not to mention my knees, ankles and hip joints) and it performs great - there is the occassional 'sticking' but to tell you the truth that happens when it's sat on my desk so no biggie there....performs as well as you would expect and better than any Cassette/CD/MD Player i have tried before...

For perfect results the best thing would seem to be a radio! I use a Sony FM radio that is about 5 years old and is brilliant - never let me down and batteries seem to last forever! What's better than a summer evening run listening to Adrian Durham on 1053 MW!!! Or Alabama 3 on the iPod for that matter!

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Posted 14 Nov 2004
At 10:03
Jukeboxes, running and hard disks....(Reply 1)

I've just got a Sony NW HD1 20G jukebox. Has lots of good and bad points, which when I've played a little more I'll put into an article.

I have however taken it out for a run. 5Km over pavement and not one skip. Frightenned as hell that is was going to fall out of the little pouch it was in. I really didn't want to test Sonys claim of surviving a 1m drop onto a hard surface!

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