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Started by
Posted 4 Jan 2004
At 15:25
Motorola V500/V525 or Panasonic X70


Any opinions on which is the better phone would be appreciated. 

Many thanks,


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Posted 5 Jan 2004
At 23:56
Motorola V500/V525 or Panasonic X70(Reply 2)

sadly i only have used Nokia's and Sony Ericssons.

Mind you i have heard that one of the Motorola's  has been "badged" for Aston Martin car phones.
Posted 22 Jan 2004
At 21:05
Re: Motorola V500/V525 or Panasonic X70(Reply 1)

I have been looking at both phones recently, and although I preferred the X70 on looks alone, I have been told by an X70 owner that they are a bit slow when texting (apparently it took about 6 different menus b4 initiating the text!). As the functions are otherwise pretty similar, I decided on the V525. 

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