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Posted 22 Oct 2003
At 10:53
R.C. Watches
Having had one of these for quite while now, i see that Casio have a range of very stylish "Wave Ceptor" watches.

Whats an R.C Watch?

Basically RC is radio controlled, which means they have a chip which tunes into the atomic clocks from Rugby (UK) or Frankfurt (Germany), so no more having to set the correct time on your watch!

Deatils of Casio range are here;
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Posted 7 Nov 2003
At 0:04
R.C. Watches(Reply 1)

Does yours have hands on or a digital display?

If it had hands - did you stay up when the clocks changed to watch them move? :-)

Posted 7 Nov 2003
At 7:18
R.C. Watches(Reply 2)

interesting question! ;)

no, mine is a digital one.
Posted 7 Nov 2003
At 7:51
R.C. Watches(Reply 3)

My mums got a RC wall clock - with hands. She was talking about staying up to watch them change. Have to ask her whether she did or not!
Posted 18 Oct 2012
At 4:17
R.C. Watches(Reply 4)

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