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Posted 15 Aug 2003
At 17:24
Living with the NEC e606

I am in the third week of living with the phone having moved over to Three to take advantage of their cheap tariffs. The phone is a paradox of thoughtfulness and infuriation. The phone is a clam shell design which closes with a loud crack. It has a bright but not particularly hi res LCD display. It has two cameras to show the owner or something in front of them rather than having a rotating one like Samsung. The phone is quite heavy and bulky even for a down market handset but still manageable. The phone comes with a high quality hands free kit, two battery chargers and a disk that allows it to sync with your PC via a USB cable (included).

The idea of having two chargers was a clever touch, as is the high quality handsfree kit. Calls are generally loud and clear. Where things get tricky is using other facilities such as texting. The system just does not live up to the high standards of usability set by Nokia, being unintuitive and providing too much information in the form of icons at times.

At the moment the phone is the best in Three's range and I would heartily recommend their call plans but I can't wait to upgrade to a Nokia

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Posted 17 Aug 2003
At 10:09
3 call plans(Reply 1)

yes their plans do currently take some beating, but i think the other players will be moving in soon! :)

Nokia here we come!

Posted 11 Sep 2003
At 9:06
3 call plans(Reply 2)
Mmm.. it's reasonably common knowledge that Orange will do a tariff match with '3' for existing customers if you threaten to leave. They deny it, but I was offered it and a free T610 when I "caused a scene" on 150. Unfortunately, the T610's been recalled, so I can't take them up on it. I'm not particularly happy with Orange right now, but I just don't think I could hack those handsets on 3.
Posted 11 Sep 2003
At 9:35
3 call plans(Reply 3)

Ahh Gid


I remeber "causing a  scene" with orange too when I left,  they really messed up my accounts.  Now to add insult to injury,  even though I call and closed my account back in may I still recieved a bill last month for 5 months line rental.   When I called to question is (as you would) I was told that they had no record of my closing the account,  yet they had a record of me calling then in may.    Due to the fact that they had 'No record'  they said  as a good will gesture they would close my account that day, but I still had to pay the outstanding moneys.   Yeah Right,  my fight contiues.


In the mean time I have moved over to three with the new Motorola A920,  its a fantastic phone and service.  What out for my review in the next couple of weeks.

Posted 11 Sep 2003
At 17:07
can't wait...(Reply 4) see your review of the Motorola A920

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