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Posted 28 Nov 2003
At 12:17


I am about to buy an iPOD and wondered if anyone had any experience of the device and any feedback? Everything i have read and heard is very positive so i think it's the right choice. At sales approaching 140 per hour from Apple it must be doing something right - or it is the biggest marketing hoodwink in a while!


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Posted 30 Nov 2003
At 21:17
iPOD(Reply 5)

cheers for the feedback.

do you know the best places for any good deals on Apple kit?
Posted 1 Dec 2003
At 0:11
iPOD(Reply 2)

very few places have deals as such, as apple regulates prices so much.

your best bet is to buy from an authorised reseller or direct from apple, as you get a solid warranty. the apple online store is excellent, and now offers free laser engraving for ipods:

also, apple regularly offers refurb models (usually unsold demo or end of life products, around 20-30% off) from it's online store, but only after 10am on wednesday mornings. look to the right menu, and select 'refurbished store'.

otherwise, try microanvika:

you'll also notice that places such as Virgin and HMV are selling them now. pretty soon they'll be available anywhere - but again, with strictly regulated pricing.

Posted 1 Dec 2003
At 21:05
iPOD(Reply 3)

cheers for the info.

have tried the refurb store, but they do sell very quickly.
Posted 4 Dec 2003
At 10:55
Ipod - thanks !(Reply 1)

Thanks for the feedback - i have ordered a 20gig ipod and ended up buying from which were selling it for £277 which is cheaper than everywhere else. I nearly opted for Amazon as they had it at £289 but Mac have undercut them further which i though unusual for the manufacturer site..

What i am now after is a sports case so that i can use it while running....ideally one that straps to the arm? Anyone any suggestions where you could buy such a thing?



Posted 4 Dec 2003
At 11:06
Re: How many of yous...?(Reply 8)

Hi, I had a palm pilot V a few years ago and updated to an ipaq h3850 about 2 years ago now i guess (?) brilliant device which i use constantly...synchs with outlook etc etc....i use it for spreadies (pocket excel) and word (pocket word) more than anything so in this respect i use it just like a filofax (how 80's!)

great devices and with Palms and Sony's for around £200 you can't go wrong...

Posted 4 Dec 2003
At 16:35
everything iPod(Reply 9)

you could try this website for iPod stuff.

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