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Started by
Posted 10 Jan 2004
At 10:23
Swaps & Things

Firstly Happy New Year to everyone in Talk Gadgets.

Just sorting things out after Christmas and a thought occurred. 

Is there anywhere on "Talk Gadgets" where people sell and buy stuff?

I'm looking at selling some games that Becky has outgrown and I'm always interested in bargains on PCs and MACs. 

I know that you can do this sort of thing on Ebay but just wondered if anyone had thought about adding this as a feature on here. 

I haven't read through any previous threads so apologies in advance if this topic has already been covered elsewhere.

Best Wishes

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Posted 10 Jan 2004
At 10:27
Swaps & Things(Reply 1)

And Happy New year to you too.

You must be reading our minds Maggie!

We are currently working on a number of new features, and will keep the membership updated on as and when we have new features ready to go.

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