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Personal Digital Assistant's (PDA's)
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Posted Oct 20, 2003
At 7:35
Sony Clie PEG-UX50
So who's got one of these then?

having seen this at Stuff Live show i was very impressed, and brought memories back of my old Psion 3a and what a PDA is all about :)

Check preview os this great Sony product here.
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Posted Feb 9, 2005
At 10:47
Re: Sony Clie PEG-UX50(Reply 1)

Have only seen the unit without power, but this was enogh to persuade me to get one - when funds permit.

Still using my old psion 5mx (with unofficial 24MB upgrade) on a daily basis - though a month ago I did have to use a piece of thick copper wire to replace one of the hinges that failed (again!).

Absolutely NEEDING a keyboard, this is the first PDA that has persuaded me to move on from Psion after 19 years using their PDA's (no, really) - anyone remember the upright, extending format of the Organiser II?  Still have two of them that work!  Time to eBay them methinks!

Will post a review when I get the PEG-UX50 - new job permitting that is!


Posted June 21, 2020
At 18:34
Glass Cleaner(Reply 2)

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Glass Cleaner

Posted June 21, 2020
At 18:35
Complete Automotive Protection(Reply 3)

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Complete Automotive Protection

Posted June 21, 2020
At 18:36
Organic Ginger(Reply 4)

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Organic Ginger

Posted June 21, 2020
At 18:37
Songwriter in Mississippi(Reply 5)

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Songwriter in Mississippi

Posted Feb 3, 2023
At 17:50
Sony Clie PEG-UX50(Reply 6)

It's easy to see why the Sony Clie PEG-UX50 has been so well-received; it brings back memories of the Psion 3a, which was a beloved device among PDA owners. After seeing it at the Stuff Live show, CBD vs THC it's clear that this device has all the features and functionality needed to make it a must-have. Take a look at the preview to see why this Sony product is so impressive!

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