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Started by
Posted 5 Sep 2003
At 9:12
About to Buy a Motorola A920

Hi All

I am about to go out and buy the new Motorola A920 on the three network.  The phone looks pretty much like the Sony Ericsson P800 but on on drugs.

Just wondered if any of your guys have used this phone yet ?  Also how do you find the three network.  The tarriffs seem to excellent.



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Posted 12 Sep 2003
At 7:52
so you now have one?(Reply 1)

tell us more Jonathan.

Is the football videostreaming any good?

Posted 15 Sep 2003
At 12:57
so you now have one?(Reply 2)

Yes I have one now :).

I have been living with the machine for just over a week now and I love it.


The football streaming is very good and works well,  you have to be very careful as it become very to spend lots of money with the service :)

I will be sure to post a full review in the next couple fo weeks



Posted 15 Sep 2003
At 13:49
i thought..(Reply 3)

..3 gave you some free airtime for the videos?

Posted 16 Sep 2003
At 10:31
i thought..(Reply 4)

They do, but it only £20 for the first three months.  Believe me you can easily use up £20 and you can also get used to a good thing ;)

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