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Posted 21 Oct 2003
At 14:03
Mozilla Firebird
For some strange reason, my PC was regularly crashing with my normal web browser.
A Talkgadget member recommended Mozilla Firebird, which meant nothing to me, but i downloaded it and the PC has not crashed again while browsing the web. :)

You can get Mozilla Firebird details here

Anyone else here use Mozilla?
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Posted 23 Oct 2003
At 9:51
Mozilla rocks :-)(Reply 5)

OK - I have to have a number of browsers installed for the same reason - and I did find that IE started crashing regularly about 6 months ago. No idea why.

My default browser now is Mozilla 1.5 - it's just been released. It's been a favourite since 1.3 and it just seems to get better.

My main reasons for liking it are:

  • Robustness (hasn't crashed in forever)
  • Less bugs than IE
  • Formatting is more consistent
  • Only browser other than IE to include an HTML editor that you can use on your site (i.e. like the one here!)

On the last point, at last I don't have to apologise to people and say they can only have WYSIWYG  text entry with IE on a PC. I've used the editor on both the PC and my Linux box and it works identically in each.

Critics have knocked it on performance, which is where the FireBird derivative came it, but I'm running Mozilla on a 3 year old 500MHz PIII Toshiba laptop and it's as fast as IE. If you don't select the option to have part of it installed at start up then the initial open is slower than IE - but then with IE loading a lot of itself at startup with no choice in the matter what can you expect.

I find it a real shame that IE development has been basically dropped by Microsoft. Now they've 'won' the browser wars, they have no interest in standards compliance or bug fixing.

Anyone out there using Mozilla on other platforms (especially the MAC) I'd love to hear how you're getting on - and especially whether the formatted WYSIWYG editor here for example is working.


Posted 1 Nov 2003
At 9:38
???????(Reply 6)

hey guys m kinda confused here  Confused 2 whats with this firebird thing?? Help

Smash Anyway m new here, so HI everyone!! Rotato

me wanna win that camcorder, i really need it Teary 3 (watch my tears go down).hehe ROTFL


bye 4 now Smoking 2

Posted 1 Nov 2003
At 13:29
Want those Smileys :-)(Reply 7)

Confused 2

First of all welcome

Secondly - Firebird and Mozilla are Web Browsers (like Internet explorer)

Thirdly - Where did you get the smileys? Can anyone use them?

My favourite is Smash - can think of some uses for that one!

Posted 1 Nov 2003
At 17:41
thanks :)(Reply 8)

hmm :picknose

sure u can..:hug

i can email u the ones i have, thats if u want any?

my favourite ones - :potty,  :suicide,  ,   (watch the whole thing.hehe)


Posted 2 Nov 2003
At 16:13
cool smileys :)(Reply 9)

the microwave one is worth the wait! ;)
Posted 16 Nov 2003
At 17:57
Mozilla Firebird(Reply 1)

Until a few months ago, i'd always used IE but I changed to Mozilla (i think it was 1.4 at the time) and I thought it was brilliant.
Then, i heard about firebird. I think its brilliant (better than mozilla, even). It's fast, compact but still has lots of features.

I've never owned a mac, or used one. They always seem very stylish though!

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