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Personal Digital Assistant's (PDA's)
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Started by
Posted Oct 19, 2003
At 16:43
Pocket keyboards
Anyone got any recommendations of a fold up pocket keyboard for use with Palm handhelds?
I hear there are two types, hard and blister? Also some are wireless and others fixed to the PDA.

So many choices! ;) Can you help?

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Posted Oct 20, 2003
At 16:40
Pocket keyboards(Reply 1)

Donato, the best one, (my opinion) is the Pocketop infrared Keyboard. It works with most brands of PDA and so it should still work if you deceide to upgrade your PDA.

Posted Oct 20, 2003
At 17:12
Pocket keyboards(Reply 2)
is the infrared keboard "hard" like the Palm version?

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