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Posted Aug 18, 2003
At 10:47
Pest Office ?

Hi All

Whilst being really sad (and drunk) on Saturday evening I decided to have look at the shopping channels on Sky (always good for a laugh).   

However I saw a product that looks like it could an answer to one of my main headaches at home.  See the thing is I live out in the sticks and my home seems to have become a safe haven for the local spiders and insects population, whilst I don’t exactly mind the odd spider here and there we seem to be overrun with them.  Everyone must have had the random web wrapped around you head first thing in a morning.  Well I seem to get this every time I open a door.

Anyway back on to the subject in hand.  I saw this product, called the pest office.  It’s a simple device that plugs into any plug socket around the home.  It then produces some kind of electrical field that disrupts the nervous system of any insects with a 100 sq metre radius.  It seems like an idea solution to keeping the insects at bay without having to kill them.

Has anyone used one of these things and if so does it work?



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Posted Feb 25, 2019
At 12:18
Pest Office ?(Reply 12)

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Posted Mar 7, 2019
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Pest Office ?(Reply 13)

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Posted Mar 15, 2019
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Posted Jan 16, 2021
At 11:17
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Posted May 7, 2023
At 15:49
Pest Office ?(Reply 16)

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