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Started by
Posted 13 Nov 2003
At 18:13
Some help from the experts please

Hi all,

I am quite a novice in new tech and am looking for some help.I am quite often "on the road" but still need to access email and manage my accounts.What do people recommend for the following:?

contact management software;laptop plus mobile or laptop plus mobile plus palm pilot???.How do you make all of this work for you?


Geoff sober

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Posted 14 Nov 2003
At 11:36
Some help from the experts please(Reply 1)

well i currently use a Palm handheld with connects with some easy to use software to my PC.

Some good software for contact management is ACT.

If you want everything in one device tho, it is worth considering the Sony Ericsson P900 which links with your PC or the new XDA2.

It really does depend on how much you would use your "on the road" device as often if you are typing lots of e-mails, you would ideally have a larger keyboard.

Posted 28 Oct 2009
At 13:25
Intempo iDS-01(Reply 2)
Hi guys i was wondering if anyone could help me? i will shortly be receiving an Itempo ids-01 dock and was wondering if anyone could tell me if it is compatable with the Iphone 3g?
Your help would be greatly appreciated

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