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Posted 15 June 2004
At 8:57

I bought my Garmin 201 from based in Denmark for £120 inc. p&p and it is a European model. You can buy them on Ebay but if inexpensive are liklely to be the USA model which, apparently, does not work here. The UK prices tend to be £150 (see although you can get the Forerunner 101 for less. The only difference being that the 101 uses AAA batteries as opposed to the 201 which is rechargeable.

Anyway - i cannot praise the gadget enough. Accurate mileage and speed figures are excellent to have for plotting and monitoring training and the virtual partner is a great way to 'race' .....

(p.s. i started a new discussion as thepostbutton on respond to thread didn't work!?!?!!)

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Posted 21 June 2004
At 21:50
Re: GPS(Reply 1)

I'll do some investigating!

Unfortunately I now seem to have injured myself somewhere along the way. Really annoyed, having got up to 3 runs a week and started racing in earnest after putting it off last year I thought things were going well.

Ho-hum. Physio seems to be making it better (or at least finding lots of things wrong with my legs - I just put it down to age!)

Thanks for the info!

Posted 23 Jul 2004
At 8:36
Re: GPS(Reply 2)

Must be a curse of Garmin - since having the gizmo i've done about 4 runs and none of them in anger - having pulled a thigh muscle. Nightmare buton the road to recovery now and the Garmin helps rehab by monitoring my pace accurately to make sure i don't overdo it too soon.....

Good luck with the recovery...

Posted 23 Jul 2004
At 16:38
Re: GPS(Reply 3)

Having fixed all the 'side effects' of my injury (a long list) my physio has now diagnosed a stress fracture :-(

No running - or heavy impacts - for 6 weeks. Given me an excuse to get my bike out again. So it'll be September before my next run - just as we get into that horrible cold part of the year. Maybe we'll have an Indian summer!

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