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Posted May 19, 2009
At 9:58
Sony Ericsson K510i
I have a sony ericsson k510i of which I accidently split coffee on, and now the jog stick is not working properly,so what I want to do now is to see if I can at least retrieve my contacts from the phone onto the computer so that at least I have my contacts again, and then I can throw away this K510i.  How can I do that?  Please assist?
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Posted May 20, 2009
At 9:12
Sony Ericsson K510i(Reply 1)

I don't have a K510i (I have a K800i) but most Sony Ericssons I've seen come with a USB cable. You'll need use that to connect your phone to your computer. At the computer end you'll need the Sony Ericsson PC Suite to upload all the contact information from the phone. If you get a new Sony Ericsson then you should be able to use the PC Suite to download to the new phone. If now then you'll have to find some other way!

If you have pictures and other information on your phone or memory card then you should also be able to save that as well.

Posted May 3, 2012
At 6:48
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Posted Nov 19, 2019
At 6:06
Essay(Reply 3)

I have never used a sony phone so I don’t know how to help you. I think you should ask about it on as well. People there will for sure help you out.

Posted Dec 17, 2019
At 12:25
Essay(Reply 4)

Honestly I have never had any sony phone so I don’t know much about them. Though yesterday only I read an article about this phone on I think you should definitely visit that site.

Posted Jul 22, 2021
At 7:55
Sony Ericsson K510i(Reply 5)

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