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Posted Sep 16, 2003
At 11:28
Sony Ericsson charger recall

For those of you in the UK who may of recently bought a Sony Ericsson mobile, like myself, may of had a recall on their mains charger.

Just got my replacement, and it consists of three pieces!


As long as its safe should i care? ;)

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Posted Mar 14, 2019
At 8:03
Sony Ericsson charger recall(Reply 1)

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Posted Mar 30, 2019
At 16:46
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Posted Nov 27, 2019
At 8:18
Sony Ericsson charger recall(Reply 3)

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Posted Nov 28, 2019
At 8:30
Sony Ericsson charger recall(Reply 4)

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Posted Dec 28, 2019
At 9:53
Sony Ericsson charger recall(Reply 5)

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Posted Feb 6, 2023
At 18:14
Sony Ericsson charger recall(Reply 6)

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