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Started by
Posted Oct 8, 2003
At 16:40
SonyEricsson P900

Well, here is one of the first reveiws on long awaited SonyEricsson.

The phone looks great compare to the P800 that I have.

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Posted Oct 8, 2003
At 18:54
SonyEricsson P900(Reply 1)

looking good.

When are we expecting these in UK and how much?

Posted Oct 20, 2003
At 14:00
P900(Reply 2)

the P900 will be announced on the 26th of October and should hit the shops mid-November ideally.  Although the P900 looks cool it's all plastic; good for "flash" folk :) 

Posted Oct 20, 2003
At 16:41
P900(Reply 3)
no doubt you will be here with the P900 details as soon as you have them Eiren?

Posted May 29, 2021
At 10:15
SonyEricsson P900(Reply 4)

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