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Started by
Posted 2 Sep 2003
At 16:54
What's the incentive and other ramblings?


Not sure what the incentive to register and write reviews on this site is really? If buying a camera you use and there are other more specific sites pertinent to games, fitness equipment etc etc....

The site looks like it is an offshoot of particularly use of the word 'talk' in that text format?

There is nothing that i have seen in here that separates this from other collective review sites and on one (which i forget specifically) you get paid a nominal amount each time your review is read and rated...which leads me too....

A rate the review function (as per Amazon) would be good with radio buttons between 1-10....also a list facility (akin to amazon again i'm afraid) where punters can list top 10 gadgets linking to reviews. Also is their an editor function - a report the review facility would be good if the review is just abusive or uses bad language etc..

To make the site work it feels like there needs to be a point to make me want to spend time writing a review? An attached auction site selling gadgets that are reviewed or shopping links would make it more valuable as a resource....



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Posted 2 Sep 2003
At 22:37
excellent points(Reply 1)

Cheers for the feedback Marcus.

The big difference we are aiming to have here is that the reviews are written by the members for the members.

Also, i am not aware of many sites that have a "collective" of all gadgets, a lot just focus on one product or product type.

The rate sytem (as per Amazon) is already there, feel free to rate the current reviews :)

as this is still beta version we are looking to add a number of facilities, and feedback like yours is invaluable as to what we will have on this website in the future.

keep the feedback coming :)

cheers, Donato.

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