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Posted May 9, 2009
At 5:29
verbatim external drive USB 640Gb
I had problems with this hard rive. I soon worked out that you cannot turn it on until your system has fully booted up, including IE. But it seems critical what order you turn things off in too, or else the system freezes. Can anyone help please?
Also my system tells me I do not have/need a USB high speed host controller, but I have the hard drive plugged directly into my laptop, rather than the USB multi port I also use. Can anyone advise please?
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Posted Jan 17, 2019
At 6:11
verbatim external drive USB 640Gb(Reply 1)

The followup device - the XDA II is due out soon and hopefully will fix some of these issues. Some details here redirect url

Posted June 8, 2020
At 10:51
verbatim external drive USB 640Gb(Reply 2)

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Posted Sep 27, 2022
At 4:48
Hello(Reply 3)

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