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Posted Jan 2, 2009
At 16:51
Drive scrubber 3.5
Help! I have a pre installed vista computer. I went to wipe it clean so I can install Xp and now it won't reboot. The drive scrubber window comes up after restarting my computer but as it start to wipe the hard drive it crashes about 3o sec. into the operation. Now when I remove the disk and try a normal startup I get nothing. Safe mode won't start, no recovery, Nothing. Looks like I might be getting a new hard drive.
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Posted Jan 30, 2019
At 4:44
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Posted Feb 5, 2019
At 7:21
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Posted Mar 16, 2019
At 18:15
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Posted Jan 30, 2023
At 18:57
Drive scrubber 3.5(Reply 4)

It sounds like you've hit a bit of a snag in your attempt to wipe your pre-installed Vista computer clean. It appears that the Drive Scrubber 3.5 crashed about 30 seconds into the operation, leaving you unable to boot normally or start in Safe Mode. Lab grown diamonds Unfortunately, it looks like you may have to invest in a new hard drive to get your computer back up and running. Hopefully, you can find a way to get your computer back in working order without having to purchase a new hard drive.

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