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Posted Feb 5, 2007
At 17:47
please help!!

I have a verbatim usb stick 2gb u3 smart drive and there i sa u3 software instaled on it,everytime I conect it to usb port it shows, can someone tell me how can i remove this software?I dont want it ....I have tried to format the drive but it wont remove it..

pls help


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Posted Dec 15, 2017
At 9:26
please help!!(Reply 1)

Guess you already figured it out. There is a low level format tool to totally erase the content of usb drive and hard drives.

Posted Nov 30, 2018
At 12:33
please help!!(Reply 2)

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Posted Dec 3, 2018
At 8:20
Nice(Reply 3)

discord servers also has several text chat channels as well as personal messages between users. This is great when you can not or do not want to use voice communication channels to chat.

discord servers

Posted Jan 26, 2023
At 6:31
please help!!(Reply 4)

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