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Posted Oct 10, 2003
At 8:20
Apple G4 Powerbook
The painted silver finish has bubbled and flaked off in 4 separate areas around the outer edges, not quite the titanium strength I'd expect from this quality brand. Do you know anyone who does re-sprays? I'm running the Jaguar version OSX and it's been superb. The mac version of windows gives me the best of all worlds and all I need now is another blue tooth chip and I'm connected to the net via my Sony P600.
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Posted Oct 10, 2003
At 12:43
Apple G4 Powerbook(Reply 1)

was it easy to set up with your P600?

Posted Apr 2, 2019
At 10:37
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Posted Jan 8, 2020
At 8:08
Apple G4 Powerbook(Reply 3)

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Posted Jan 31, 2023
At 18:39
Apple G4 Powerbook(Reply 4)

I recently purchased an Apple G4 Powerbook and, while I'm generally impressed with its performance, I'm a bit disappointed with its durability. The painted silver finish has already begun to bubble and flake off in four distinct areas -  cbd oil benefits not exactly what I expect from such a quality brand. I'm running the Jaguar version OSX and it has been incredibly reliable, but I'm in need of a new blue tooth chip in order to connect to the net via my Sony P600. Does anyone know of any reliable re-spray services?

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