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Posted Oct 21, 2003
At 13:03
Mozilla Firebird
For some strange reason, my PC was regularly crashing with my normal web browser.
A Talkgadget member recommended Mozilla Firebird, which meant nothing to me, but i downloaded it and the PC has not crashed again while browsing the web. :)

You can get Mozilla Firebird details here

Anyone else here use Mozilla?
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Posted Nov 1, 2003
At 13:29
Want those Smileys :-)(Reply 7)

Confused 2

First of all welcome

Secondly - Firebird and Mozilla are Web Browsers (like Internet explorer)

Thirdly - Where did you get the smileys? Can anyone use them?

My favourite is Smash - can think of some uses for that one!

Posted Nov 1, 2003
At 17:41
thanks :)(Reply 8)

hmm :picknose

sure u can..:hug

i can email u the ones i have, thats if u want any?

my favourite ones - :potty,  :suicide,  ,   (watch the whole thing.hehe)


Posted Nov 2, 2003
At 16:13
cool smileys :)(Reply 9)

the microwave one is worth the wait! ;)
Posted Nov 16, 2003
At 17:57
Mozilla Firebird(Reply 1)

Until a few months ago, i'd always used IE but I changed to Mozilla (i think it was 1.4 at the time) and I thought it was brilliant.
Then, i heard about firebird. I think its brilliant (better than mozilla, even). It's fast, compact but still has lots of features.

I've never owned a mac, or used one. They always seem very stylish though!
Posted Oct 13, 2019
At 8:18
Tutorial Laptop(Reply 13)

There are a lot of advantages of this buying cheap laptops, and people who say that's false are wrong. You can ask Tutorial Laptop experts about this, and they'll concur with my statement. Getting into this now would be ideal.

Posted Apr 7, 2023
At 10:11
Mozilla Firebird(Reply 14)

I am so glad I took a chance on Mozilla Firebird! After my computer was crashing regularly with my usual web browser, a Talkgadget member suggested I give it a try. I was unfamiliar with it, but it was worth a shot. sell real estate Irving Happily, my computer has not crashed once since then, and I am grateful for the recommendation. Mozilla Firebird is definitely a winner!

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