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Personal Digital Assistant's (PDA's)
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Started by
Posted 20 Oct 2003
At 8:35
Sony Clie PEG-UX50
So who's got one of these then?

having seen this at Stuff Live show i was very impressed, and brought memories back of my old Psion 3a and what a PDA is all about :)

Check preview os this great Sony product here.

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Posted 9 Feb 2005
At 10:47
Re: Sony Clie PEG-UX50(Reply 1)

Have only seen the unit without power, but this was enogh to persuade me to get one - when funds permit.

Still using my old psion 5mx (with unofficial 24MB upgrade) on a daily basis - though a month ago I did have to use a piece of thick copper wire to replace one of the hinges that failed (again!).

Absolutely NEEDING a keyboard, this is the first PDA that has persuaded me to move on from Psion after 19 years using their PDA's (no, really) - anyone remember the upright, extending format of the Organiser II?  Still have two of them that work!  Time to eBay them methinks!

Will post a review when I get the PEG-UX50 - new job permitting that is!


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