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Started by
Posted 13 Jan 2004
At 14:29
Which PDA

Hi I am looking for a new PDA. CUrrently have an old Palm but a little bit disgruntled with Palm service so looking at HP and Dell, Budget is around 250 GBP


Any recommendations

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Posted 13 Jan 2004
At 14:40
Which PDA(Reply 2)

Palm has been very good for me, having had the Palm V for a long time now and still working fine.

My only recommendation is go to the electrical stores and get a feel for the ones that fit within your budget, as they all seem to have pretty much the same features.

Depends what you want to do with it? is size important? weight? features? etc etc
Posted 18 Jan 2004
At 20:18
Which PDA(Reply 1)

I think Palm Tungsten T3 is a great PDA. You’ll be able to pick one up for around £295 if you are prepared to spend a little more than £250. Also have a look at iPAQ 3870. There are one or two dealers who are selling this for under £175. iPAQ 1900 is another great PDA, again there are dealers who are selling reconditioned one with a years guarantee for under £180 (iPAQ 1910). New 1940 would be around £235.

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