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Posted 26 Nov 2003
At 12:04
What do you want for Christmas? Our Christmas Poll!

We thought it'd be fun to see what our members would like for Christmas this year - assuming they've made it onto Santas good list! We've put together some suggested ideas in our Christmas Poll. Not many votes so far - and as I write this an MP3 player seems to have a slight edge! 

If you think we've missed of that 'could die for' present then let us know by replying to this thread. The best ones will be added to the poll (but it's up to them to catch up!)

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Posted 28 Nov 2003
At 9:50
I voted for MP3 because the Archos 300 was not an option.(Reply 1)

Being able to record DVD, Video or TV to the device and then view it on the bus/train makes this a total winner. Arrive at your destination and play it back on any TV with a SCART socket. I have heard the 3.3 mega pixerl camera attachment is a winner as well, but yet to see that.

Dear Santa, a 320 would be nice, 340 would be great but a 380 with the camera my dream.




Posted 28 Nov 2003
At 10:04
Archos 300(Reply 2)

Think 'Digitial Jukebox' is probably closer - I'd meant one of the MP3 players with a big hard disk, which the Archos is - but has the added advantage of a screen and ability to play videos.

Posted 9 Dec 2003
At 13:28
modding about the archos av320(Reply 3)

Hello i have a archos av320   but i want a oter operating system  something like other skins and that is support more formates    because the firmware s dont support many formats and its #%$W to convert al my div x movies to AVI

Posted 9 Dec 2003
At 22:03
Customised AV320?(Reply 4)

I know there were prize being given out to get Linux running on an XBox. Guess that's slightly higher profile than the Archos device, but the hardware must be perfectly capable of supporting something like that. If anyone hears about this let me know - the Archos *could* become the ultimate portable computer!

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