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Posted Mar 29, 2005
At 17:02
Good Service

Mostly you hear about ‘horror’ stories of people and their brushes with technical support and product repair.


Here I want to mention the fantastic service I received from the MP3 player people Rio.


My Rio Karma that I purchased last June suddenly locked up, I could not switch it off and no keypress was recognised. Luckily I had a pin and reset it, this turned it off. When I turned it on again it immediately locked up again.


Next I read the manual and tried doing what this said but again it locked up.


Now – Friday Afternoon – I sent an email to their technical support and on Saturday morning I received a reply, tried that, no help, emailed again and got another reply, no good, emailed again and this did not help either. He apologised and said I needed an RMA number. Please ring an (0207) number in office hours.


On the Monday I rang, the phone in London was transferred to the Netherlands and after a few questions was given the RMA number together with the address to send the unit to. I was told it would take up to two weeks.


On the Thursday of the following week a courier delivered a replacement Rio Karma. Yes it was within the warranty period – my word was taken on this – and I had to pay postage to the Netherlands £1.48, but this was how warranty claims should work.


Well done Rio, up till then I had never regretted the purchase and after such good service I still do not. I know it was a different unit returned as mine had a small scratch and this one was perfect.

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Posted Mar 30, 2005
At 5:59
Good Service?(Reply 1)

Anyone else get good service, or is Petta just lucky?

Posted Jul 20, 2005
At 23:02
Re: Good Service?(Reply 2)

Had a good experience with Dell a few years back.

I bought one of there mini-tower systems, an XPR-400 which to those that know show how long ago this was!

The system arrived as expected and everything worked fine for a couple of days and then the 17" monitor just died. No warning - it just shut down and refused to do anything.

I got onto Dell, who were very helpful and immediately sent out a replacement monitor. As it happened they provided a replacement with a better spec than the original. I'd gone for the basic 17" product - and they replaced it with an excellent Triniton tube monitor.

The computer itself is still gong strong almost 6 years later. Now equiped with 3 hard-drives, the latest a 160Gbyte devive, it forms a cental store for all our music and photos.

My more recent experience with Dell products hasn't been so good....... but you did ask for good stories!

Posted Feb 1, 2019
At 7:32
Good Service(Reply 0)

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