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Posted Nov 24, 2009
At 18:15
Humax Foxsat-HDR
Anyone help or advise please. Having bought one of the above on Saturday and had it professionaly installed I emailed Humax three times and have not had the courtesy of an answer. One was a general question:-
"I have just purchased a Foxsat-hdr and was quite suprised and impressed how easy it was to set it up using 2 lnb inputs. I also have a Virgin vBox (not vbox+) and, you've guessed it, my question it possible to connect the vbox up to the Humax PVR box and record from the vbox?. If it is, how would I connect it up and how would I select the source for recording?
I can see the "vcr scart" on the back of the Humax box and have connect this to the vbox, but can get no further."
The other was a problem:-
"In all the blurb and manuals it is stated that if you have 2 seperate lnb cables attached to the pvr, you can record 2 different channels at the same time, or you can watch one whilst at the same time record another. Thats the premice on which I made my decision to buy one. There is no statement that you cannot view/record certain match of channels.
Having only had the pvr installed yesterday, I tried both the above and came across a certain type of problem:
eg some channels I cannot view one whilst recording another:-
1    Record 102 ie BBC2  - I cannot view eg 101 BBC1 East
2    Record ITV4 - I cannot view eg BBC2, ITV1 Anglia, Channel4, Channel5, BBC3, BBC HD and others
3    Record BBC3 - I cannot view eg BBC1
Additionaly there are some channels that I cannot record/watch simultaineously.
Am I doing something wrong?, has the installation not been carried out correctly?, is the software correct? or is there something else awry here?
I hope there is a simple answer here, for if you can't view certain channels whilst recording certain others, then whats the point of having 2 inputs.
Software Version HPRSI 1.00.11 System Id 3768
Tuners 1 & 2 10733,H,22000,H6     Strength85%, Quality 100%"
Sorry this is long-winded, but anyone know whats wrong or am I brainless?
Heres hoping some help is available even if its pointing me in the right direction
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Posted Dec 29, 2009
At 18:58
Humax Foxsat-HDR(Reply 1)
This is fantastic news! Sharon has tremdous talent - and I am so glad she will share that with us!

hello buddy i read your comment i agry with you dear thanx for this information.

Humax Foxsat-HDR is a very nice article and news....

Posted May 3, 2012
At 6:28
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Posted Apr 18, 2019
At 11:31
seo(Reply 3)

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Posted Dec 10, 2019
At 12:05
seo(Reply 4)

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