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Posted Jan 6, 2009
At 13:40
ub funkeys
ive bought my boy a pack from argos for £6 it has 2 funkeys in it a normal one and what i believe to be a chat or multiplayer one but the 2nd one refuses to work it says something like there is a problem with your portal and an american phone number which i dont want to ring.  is there any clever people out there who can tell me what im doing wrong????
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Posted Jan 7, 2009
At 9:55
I might be able to help...(Reply 1)
Hi, sometimes it's because there's a general problem with the entire Funkeys system it will say that the engineers are working on the portals.  Usually if you try the next day it works o.k.  I think in your case you may need to download additional updates before the new Chat/Multiplayer Funkey will work.  You can happily play Funkeys off-line but to keep it up to date every so often you need to allow the program access to the internet so it can search for the latest updates.  It will say Searching Terrapinia then once it's found new stuff it may take up to an hour to download it although it allows you to play Funkjong and Museum Mayhem while you're waiting.  We have both Chat and Multiplayer Funkeys so let me know the name of yours and I can tell you what it does.  If your computer already has access to the internet and doesn't find any downloads when you try to play I suggest you go and check the Funkeys Forum at - they have people who've been playing for years now and seem to know everything.  Good luck.  CBeebies
Posted Jan 8, 2009
At 9:23
Re: I might be able to help...(Reply 2)
thank you for replying!! i am connected and it does do the whole let me check thing .. then i get the error message . the funkkeys are a red one with a circle thing on his face and a sort of upside down tree in the circle, the circle is surrondedby a blu splash it has a white flower on his chest th2 nd  one is black with 2 green eyes then a small green circle inbetwwn which looks like a 3rd eye. thank you for help
Posted Apr 10, 2019
At 11:09
seo(Reply 3)

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Posted June 20, 2019
At 7:55
Essay(Reply 4)

I've read this post twice and I still don’t know what you are doing wrong. You should read full review of it first and then try doing it. Hopefully then you will be able to get it done right.

Posted Nov 18, 2019
At 7:31
Sharon Miller(Reply 5)

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