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Posted Jul 24, 2008
At 20:39
Sony Walkman NWZA-828
I have been trying to transfer videos to this player.  These files are transfered with little or no issues but will not play back.  I am either being thick or the recommended file type MPEG-4 is a problem.  Anyone having this problem also, resolved or not?  This is a great little player and I want to utilise it for its advertised potential.  B
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Posted Dec 21, 2018
At 6:00
Sony Walkman NWZA-828(Reply 1)

That was the only company who invented the Walkman device by the best sound of the headphones also. I have bought three devices of the Walkman from the assignmentland that was belonged to the Sony company only.

Posted Mar 13, 2019
At 11:27
seo(Reply 2)

good day

Posted Mar 14, 2019
At 3:52
seo(Reply 3)

This is something regarding entertainment news. After the came of DVD and VCD many changes are came in the field of media and channel. All of them depend on television to see entertainment editing companies

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