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Posted Dec 26, 2004
At 10:35
Media PCs
Has anyone tried one of the new Windows meida PCs (latest versions). I was looking at the Elonex ones. Are they as good as they look?

I've got a TV, so was interested in the ones that look like video recorders. The gou demonstrating it made it look very good.

Also interested in ability to stream data over WiFi (music and video) to my laptop somewhere else in the house. Is that as easy? Does it work?
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Posted Sep 4, 2020
At 12:39
John S. Good(Reply 1)

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Posted Oct 9, 2020
At 18:30
Media PCs(Reply 2)

The forum discussed here shares the details regarding the new windows media pcs. Actually I am not aware about such a gadget and looking here for more details about it. Can you please share some the page here more details regarding windows media pc over here?

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