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Started by
Posted Nov 7, 2003
At 0:11
Jukeboxs, running and hard-disks?

Anyone have any experience with hard-disk based juke boxes and running? Things I'd be interested in knowing are:

  1. Does it ever skip like my CD player does?
  2. Any 'robustness' problems?

Think solid state is probably the answer, but really want something with a lot more capacity. Don't want to have two products either.

Thoughts and experiences welcome

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Posted Nov 28, 2003
At 12:16
Jukeboxes and Running(Reply 1)

Hi Pete,

I am about to buy a 20G iPOD for the very use of running - and having a lot of CD's etc in my hand! From my research there is a 25 minute solid state buffer that the hard disk copies the music to. Playback is from the solid state memory which does not skip guess is that this preserves battery life with music being copied to the solid state in chunks rather than real time (that's only my opinion).

I have spoken to a chap with an iPOD and he has never had any issues with using it for sport. Also the Apple website and all the other current iPOD sales sites all tout it's use in a robust manner, gym, cycling, running etc....

Personally i can't wait for it to arrive and should be ordering within the next couple of days.

I'll let you know how i get on!


Posted Nov 30, 2003
At 8:22
No Problems Walking(Reply 2)

I have used severasl of these devices WALKING as the only time I am guilty of running is a short distance to catch a train, certainly they are fine for walking.



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At 11:51
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Posted Feb 28, 2019
At 11:51
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Posted Mar 20, 2019
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Essay(Reply 5)

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