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Posted Nov 28, 2003
At 12:17


I am about to buy an iPOD and wondered if anyone had any experience of the device and any feedback? Everything i have read and heard is very positive so i think it's the right choice. At sales approaching 140 per hour from Apple it must be doing something right - or it is the biggest marketing hoodwink in a while!


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Posted Dec 4, 2003
At 11:06
Re: How many of yous...?(Reply 8)

Hi, I had a palm pilot V a few years ago and updated to an ipaq h3850 about 2 years ago now i guess (?) brilliant device which i use constantly...synchs with outlook etc etc....i use it for spreadies (pocket excel) and word (pocket word) more than anything so in this respect i use it just like a filofax (how 80's!)

great devices and with Palms and Sony's for around £200 you can't go wrong...

Posted Dec 4, 2003
At 16:35
everything iPod(Reply 9)

you could try this website for iPod stuff.

Posted Nov 22, 2018
At 8:36
iPOD(Reply 10)

Think 'Digitial Jukebox' is probably closer - I'd meant one of the MP3 players with a big hard disk, which the Archos is - but has the added advantage of a screen and ability to play videos. 

google street view

Posted Dec 22, 2018
At 20:15
iPOD(Reply 11)

How are people going to know what is there between me and the things that they see on review? I know that it's quite hard for me to have anything new here, but it will be great.

Posted Mar 5, 2019
At 8:12
seo(Reply 12)

good day

Posted Mar 5, 2019
At 10:45
seo(Reply 13)

Here mentioned about entertainment. All of them spent their free time spending in front of the DVD audio and video systems. We cable providers in my area are very much enjoyed at that time. We didn’t bother anything at that time. Thank you for being part of the site. 

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