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Posted Sep 17, 2004
At 10:56
iPOD questions
Does anyone know whether the iPOD is very tightly tied to Apples iTunes?

I currently use "Media Jukebox" to hold all my online music - currently all copies of my own CDs. Will this work with iPOD?

How about other online music stores?

Love the looks of iPod, but don't want to be tied into some proprietary technology.
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Posted Sep 23, 2004
At 8:38
iPod(Reply 1)


I have an iPod and the only limitation seems to be file formats.

By that i mean it uses its own file format (AAV i think?) for holding tunes on the iPod but can read any MP3 format through the iTunes software. That means that any MP3 file you have, regardless of source, should be able to be interpreted by iTunes. I had a problem where i had a lot of albums in WMA format on CD that iTunes cannot recognise. For this i used a converter to convert them from WMA to MP3 so that iTunes recognised them and they could be added to my iPod.

I have not tested this with any of the legitimate download providers but have downloaded via and installed via iTunes to iPod with no problems.

It might be worth posting a message on the iPod message boards via the apple website - i    have used that to get some answers on useage of my iPod and it's a good source of information.                                                                                                                               

Just one thing - if you do buy an iPod do not use the headphones - aside from looking naff   (bright white??) it advertises to every spotty wannabe gangster teenage hood' that you have a sexy MP3 player in your pocket that they might want to help themselves to!!!                        

One more thing - I would not recommend using kazaa to download AT ALL as it seems to just be a method of trojans and pop-ups getting into your system!      

Posted Oct 21, 2020
At 8:51
iPOD questions(Reply 3)

I'm new to the iPod. I wish to set up it but I lack knowledge regarding it. So I searched a reference online and came across this column. I'm very pleased to read this, it gives a very good intro about the functions and features of the iPod to users. helpful resources

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