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Posted 13 Dec 2003
At 18:23
Digital Dream L'Espion Mini Digital Camera

Does any know anything about 'Digital Dream L'Espion Mini Digital Camera'. Is it worth buying one?

* Can you take as many pics u want as long as the cam is supported by a battery?

* What about the quality of its pics?

*Which battery does it take?

Thankyou! :)

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Posted 15 Dec 2003
At 15:31
Digital Dream L'Espion Mini Digital Camera(Reply 3)

I have reviewed one of these, they used to lose all details in internal memory when the battery was removed or ran down, I think this model was okay. However I would go for a known make with some optical zoom. To my mind anything with only Digital Zoom is a waste of time.

Lots of discontinued models about and for around £100 you should get a decent basic digital camera.


Posted 15 Dec 2003
At 15:33
Digital Dream L'Espion Mini Digital Camera(Reply 1)

The battery as far as I remember was a single AA or was it AAA.

Posted 20 Dec 2003
At 13:46
??(Reply 2)

can u take more than 80pics??

Posted 20 Dec 2007
At 21:16
Re: ??(Reply 4)

in a word - no

take a look at the 'features' on the following link as listed on amazon

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