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Started by
Posted 3 Aug 2009
At 9:07
DAB radios
I am looking for a new DAB radio after my Pure ONE gave up the ghost.
I would like one that gets lots of stations and is top quality. Budget is a side issue as I am more bothered about getting a good quality one thane a cheap thing that won't last.
Anyone able to help?
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Posted 6 Aug 2009
At 11:18
Re: DAB radios(Reply 1)

Hello - we've reviewed quite a few DAB radios over the last few years. You can see most of them on this link.

I personally have a Roberts RD55 which I've had for about 2 years in the kitchen. I've not had any problems with it. Some people think it's a bit plasticy but that's personal preference - I prefer the plastic to the mock retro effect that's so common.

What happened to your Pure One? You might like to add your comments to our review. We tend to have review products for a limited time before they are returned so it's always good to have feedback from people that have owned a product for a while!

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