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Started by
Posted 17 Jul 2007
At 20:00
Wireless Microsoft Keyboard
Microsoft Wiless Multimedia Keyboard 1.1
Question: I am not sure what I did on the keyboard, but I have the following situation:
The keys are mixed-up. Example, The letter key "u", is now behaving as the "Caps Lock" Key, when you press it,it gives you the "Caps Lock' on/off. What is the problem? I have reloaded the keyboard software,this is not the problem, please help?
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Posted 12 Aug 2007
At 17:40
Re: Wireless Microsoft Keyboard(Reply 1)
The only time I've had problems like this have been with a wired keyboard - and only then after spilling tea/coffee/favourite beverage over said keyboard!
I've not had that problem (not spilled anything yet!) over the wireless keyboard. I don't think it's likely to be driver software.
Worth changing the batteries and also checking the signal strength.

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