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Started by
Posted 10 Oct 2003
At 10:36
Game-based Learning on PDA's

Has anyone come across some effective examples of (game-based) learning on PDA's, mobile phones or other gadgets? I mean, you might as well use your commuting time (or other time wasters) doing something productive.


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Posted 10 Oct 2003
At 13:48
Game-based Learning on PDA's(Reply 1)

depends what is being learnt from the game?

for example minesweeper on the Palm is a great example of logic.

There is also a member here in TalkGadgets who who develops a lot of logic games for PDA's, so if you are looking to learn logic i can think of many examples.

Posted 15 Oct 2003
At 13:48
Game-based Learning on PDA's(Reply 2)
You rang? =) While writing my games, I made sure I had good tutorial modes written for them, and from the mail I used to get, they were quite popular. My version of Mastermind came with a handy helper mode, which didn't use any information the player didn't already have (rather than giving out blatant hints). As a result, an average player could massively improve their score (and therefore their logical deduction skills) in a short time. As far as current software is concerned, I'm not sure -- I've been away from the scene for a while.
Posted 16 Oct 2003
At 9:32
Game-based Learning on PDA's(Reply 3)
cheers for the input Gid :)

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