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Started by
Posted 24 Sep 2003
At 7:49
Worlds fastest personal computer

All i can say is WOW!

The Apple G5 is something else, see the details here>>

Has anyone here got one or planning on getting one?

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Posted 24 Sep 2003
At 8:52
A 6 year olds feedback on Apple G5(Reply 1)
My daughter saw the advert (the one where the camera zooms through the big hole in the house going through the kitchen and walls and ending up at the computer).

Her comment? "Dad - we don't want one of those - they make big holes in the house - we want a normal computer" - guess the advert wasn't tested on 6 year olds :-)

Posted 24 Sep 2003
At 9:56
Italian job?(Reply 2)

you're supposed to just blow the doors off? ;)

Posted 18 June 2005
At 0:24
Apple throws in the towel and moves to Intel(Reply 3)

I have to admit to being surprised at this one - shellshocked even, and yet it's actually an obvious move.

Moving MAC from PPC to Intel doesn't make a lot of difference from a software perspective, and I wouldn't be surprised if the move wasn't discussed as part of the MacOS-X design criteria. MacOS-X runs on top of a BSD derivative operating system. A lot of development of such systems happens to happen on Intel Platforms. Further, much development on such platforms also happens with the GCC compiler chain.

Moving everyone from Motorolla 68K to PPC was a huge upheaval, but now that most developers have movedto the Gnu tool-chain, a further move to Intel should simply be a recompile. That's the theory anyway. Most well designed applications will indeed simply recompile and I think the transition to Intel will be fairly painless.

I guess we get to wait-and-see!

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