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Posted 3 Oct 2003
At 15:01
Can you recommend a home office printer?

Can anyone out there recommend me a good home office printer.  There are so many out there I do not know where to start.  We need one that prints four colours, as quickly as possible and reliably.  Mainly needed for sales presentations and proposal documents - so quality important.  Preferably nice and small too.  Also interested in what people think about the lazer v ink jet arguments.


Any views?

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Posted 6 Oct 2003
At 13:41
Re: Can you recommend a home office printer?(Reply 1)

HP have always seemed relieable to me, I use their Office Jet 6110 and this is a multi function device, with scanner (both sheet and page) copying printing as well as fax if required.

I still have a very old Desk Jet 720C that still works well when required.

However for fast page printing and quality you can't beat a laser but colour lasers are expensive


Posted 7 Oct 2003
At 19:43
Re: Can you recommend a home office printer?(Reply 2)
Modern colour laser will be great - but you'll have to pay for it. However if you are doing a lot of printing, then it may be more economic in the long run. Not sure what systems you are running - I've recently attached an Epson Photo 935 colour ink jet to my network at home at it's pretty good, but at £40 a refill, it can be expensive if doing lots of printing!

You takes you money...


Posted 7 Oct 2003
At 20:13
Re: Can you recommend a home office printer?(Reply 3)

Having a HP Deskjet 720C for a number of years, its fine for low volume printing. And as has already been mentioned the cost of ink refills is very high (apparently more expensive for printer ink than it is for Champagne!)

I think my next purchase would have to be a laser. As for which model, who knows :)

Posted 9 Oct 2003
At 16:38
Re: Can you recommend a home office printer?(Reply 4)

I have been using an Epson Stylus  740 for a few years now. Reliable and reasonable quality. For business I have printed off colour slides and these have been professional and acceptable. Hope this helps. This is not a plug but I am about to upgrade my machine to an HP fax,scanner, copier printer as my new home machine does not support W98 scanner. 

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