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Posted 25 Oct 2003
At 20:53
Favourite Mac

I must say that the new Mac's sound and look great, so was wondering if any of you out there have any favourites from over the years.

i remember trying an Apple back in 1979!
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Posted 27 Oct 2003
At 21:06
We had a "Lisa" - almost a Mac(Reply 1)

.... back in the days when I worked at ICL and in the days when you still had to use the 'typing pool' for documentation.

Only had one in the whole building, but it was stuck away in a corner and I used to have great fun on it. Even back then (early 80s?) the drawing package was brilliant. Did beziar curves - great for drawing mains leads :-). And of course it was so easy to use.

Before that I played with a couple of Apple IIs at the time when the Commodire PET seemed to be the business users machine of choice.

Posted 18 Nov 2003
At 18:47
Lisa(Reply 2)
I just submitted an article about my first time. With Lisa.

Favourite Mac? Hmm tricky. My first Mac was one of the originals with 12kK RAM single floppy disk. We upgraded the 2 we had to Fat Macs. I bought one of the Platinum macs which had 20Mb hard drive and 1Mb RAM becasue the company that i worked for then wouldn't. The I bought one of the Pizza box ones. When I lived in the States I bought a year 2000 model iMac. Then a TiBook. And another TiBook. A new iMac for No 2 son and No1 son bought an iBook. Three weeks ago I bought a new 1.25Ghz Powerbook. Fabulous.

But my FAVOURITE Mac was one that I didn't buy, but wish I had.

The Cube.



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