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Started by
Posted 27 Mar 2007
At 11:09
verbatim 2gb usb store 'n' go help please
Hi, Can anyone please try and help me? I am not computer literate therefore I need everything explained to me step by step!! I recently bought the above usb pen drive to store photos etc. I think I might have deleted stuff I shouldn't have because when I plug my pen in now it just goes straight onto the camera wizard and shows me 31 photos I have stored on it. Previous to this, when I plugged the pen in, I had to put in my password. I think I have lots of photos stored in it, in the privacy zone bit. It is also showing that the drive is almost full. Is that because it is now locked up? It shouldn't be anywhere near full up. I went onto the verbatim website and downloaded the v safe 100 application and placed it on my desktop. When I double click it it says 'ERROR please insert store 'n' go and run as a priveleged user. When I insert the pen drive it then takes me straight to the camera wizard and shows me the 31 photos I have stored. How can I unlock the pen and get the software back? Don't know what to do next. Should I just throw the pen away and start again? I don't really want to do that because it cost £28! Can someone please help me with this?? Please? xx
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