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Just how good are your observation and puzzle solving skills? An amazing adventure sets out to test these attributes.
New from PopCap Games is Amazing Adventures The Lost Tomb.  In this game you have been placed in charge of an expedition to search for the Lost Tomb of Egypt.  This task will involve solving many puzzles as you undertake 20 missions and visit 22 unique Egyptian locations. The game has two game modes although only the first "Find the Lost Tomb" will initially be accessible.
This is far more than just a Microwave as it also has a grill and a convection oven. If like me you have had a microwave for 30 plus years what is on offer today bears no comparison.
Initially it was hard to think of the LG unit as more than a microwave. I have friends who say they only have/use a microwave, I thought it was impossible but now I begin to see what they mean. It is 52x40x32cm and much to my surprise a large casserole dish I have at 33cm long works inside on the turntable, it does need to be precisely positioned but that would not even begin to fit inside my own unit.
Storing your data and applications in the same location could be a recipe for disaster when trouble strikes. One possible solution could be implemented by this next product.
Partition Manager 8.5 Personal Edition Storing your data and applications in the same location could be a recipe for disaster when trouble strikes.  One possible solution could be implemented by this next product.
revo pico dab radi

Revo Pico+ DAB Radio

This is not just another DAB radio. It is small and neat and for good measure it can record onto SD card, not just at the time of playing but up to around 30 minutes after playing.
It is 16.5cm tall and 10cm wide and deep. Mine was black but I know they also do white should that be more suitable for your colour scheme. It has a seven piece (55cm) rod aerial. On first switch on you need to make sure that the aerial is extended and then press the scan button, mine found 51 DAB stations in around a minute. The controls are six push buttons and a large wheel whose job changes dependant on which button you press.
Despite its strong UK presence, some Logitech products are only available overseas.
The Logitech Cordless Desktop LX310 Laser product consists of a keyboard, mouse, USB RF receiver, software CD and the various batteries required to power the mouse and keyboard.  As I had been sent the product direct from , I was not too surprised to find that the keyboard layout followed the standard pattern of positioning some of the keys in locations that might cause confusion some users.
canon pixma mp970 printe

Canon Pixma MP970

This is quite a beefy All In One unit, so it scans, copies and prints via the PC. It can also copy when not connected to the PC and it also prints directly from a range of card media.
The is 46x40x22cm when closed. The output shelf opens automatically at print time and initially this adds 13cm to the depth. Having paper in the rear mounted tray adds 18cm to the 22cm height. Canon Pixma MP970 All the controls surround the screen that flips up in the central part of the top at the front and as this goes to just beyond 90 degrees you can choose the display angle. The screen is 7.5x5.
Some peripherals that connect via USB are pure gadgets and others such as my first offering here have a real use, a USB microscope complete with stand and the ability to magnify between 10 and 200 times.
G Tech Microscope It is 11cm long and around 3cm round, white in colour apart from the bottom 2.5cm that is clear Perspex. It comes with an 8cm chromed stand enabling you to get really steady images of whatever you are studying, of course the main difference between this and a conventional microscope is that the image is shown on your monitor/panel and not to an eye bent to the microscope.
serif drawplus x2 bo

DrawPlus X2 : Serif DrawPlus X2

Not everybody can afford the premium price levels of the market leading vector drawing packages. Fortunately there is a more economic offering.
Where "X" use to mark the spot on treasure maps and the like, it is now taking on the role of favoured numeral used by the marketing fraternity to add a touch of style to the version number of certain products.  Serif is following this trend with its latest batch of upgraded titles including DrawPlus X2.
This is a true two in one product, a full featured notebook including all you might require in the way of external connections, flip the screen and it becomes a tablet PC.
It comes in a black case with a rather nice discrete pattern on the lid. It is 30x24.5x4cm with the larger battery attached. The biggest drawback for anyone wanting a tablet PC is the weight it's 2.25kilos and as far as I'm concerned that's quite a lot to carry around all day. The front has the on/off slider, twin ear bud sockets (so you can watch DVD's as you travel with a companion) and a microphone socket. Also on the front is a wireless network slider.
falk activepilot gps uni

ActivePilot brings Sat-Nav to your mobile

Satellite navigation is become more popular with big price reductions and many competing designs. The basic price though can still be fairly expensive. Here we look at an alternative that uses the processing power and display capabilities of your mobile phone to offer an alternative pricing plan.
When you buy ActiveNavigation 6 from Falk what you get is a small 4.5 x 9 x 1cm (WxHxD) unit with curved edges and soft rubberised finished that contains a GPS receiver and a bluetooth transceiver. The unit itself is very compact, looks good and will slip into trouser pocket or hand bag easily enough. There at three lights on the device.
Named after an animal, Dymo’s latest handheld labeller may not be a beast but it is ready for some heavy duty work.
In the past I have looked at a number of dedicated label printers whether of the handheld or desk-mounted variety.  Every one of these models, the Brother QL-650TD apart, have been aimed at the home user or office worker who has a need for labelling facilities for envelopes, folders and general household usage.  There is, however, another category of user and that is the industrial user.
It’s time to strap on your cannon and destroy creatures that are intent on laying your home city to waste.
Up until now the inhabitants of Svetlograd have felt safe and secure from any threats from outside.  The protection offered by the surrounding rocks, shrubbery, trees and some magical artefacts has been enough to keep evil forces from disturbing the peace and tranquillity of the city.  However a new threat, in the form of an army of evil imps, has appeared and the original protection is not sufficient to hold back this advancing horde.
pure tempus 1S_cherry DAB radi

Pure Tempus-1S

Despite the traditional DAB shape this unit has a few surprises inside. The sound quality is excellent and it is extremely easy to use. In fact all in all it’s a very nice DAB radio.
Yes there was an earlier Tempus offering and it's shape and size very like others by Pure but certain features are new. It is 21x12x17cm. These are the maximum sizes the latter the height goes to the top of the snooze handle, the middle figure is from the front of the volume and tuning knobs to the rear of the power lead. My unit was in a light cherry (looking more like teak to me) wood. The right half of the front has a two line display 6x1.
Time for more video action as I take a look at the latest webcam to emerge from Logitech.
Joining Logitech's family of webcam devices is the .  With more than a passing resemblance to the earlier QuickCam Fusion, this new model is shaped like a stubby lollipop resting on its side with the camera at the bulbous end and the build-in microphone at the other end.  There is also a switch mounted alongside the camera for taking snapshots. QuickCam Pro 9000 This webcam's camera functionality is based on Carl Zeiss optics.
We all want to do our bit for the environment - but it pays to ask questions and not accept manufacturers claims at face value. Here we look at the FreeLoader that offers to power your gadgets for free using the power of the sun. How does it measure up? You may be surprised!
Information on the FreeLoader arrived through the GadgetSpeak letter box a while before Christmas and was followed up by a phone call - and then a duly delivered sample for review.
A competitively priced product in a field where most manufacturers have at least one entry. This one has CD, tape (I am told this is still requested), MP3, USB and FM/MW radio.
This looks very like those offerings of a few years ago that used to be humped around on the shoulders of youths. It is 34x22x13.5cm. The width (middle figure) is a little misleading as it narrows to only 13cm at each end. The weight is around 2.5kilos. The unit is grey with black mesh over the front. To play CD's you need not only the controls on the top of the unit but also the remote control as amazingly the unit itself does not have a play/pause button.

Binary Watches

Are you fed up – like a friend of mine – of everyone peering at your wrist to get the time? Well wear any one of this range of watches from TokyoFlash Japan and they will probably be none the wiser. Could be an outlet for spare Christmas cash.
The first of the two watches I found easy to set and read, the second created more problems not least because the diagram did not look like the watch I was sent. 1259L LED Watch Firstly it is not light as it weights over 130grams. It comes complete with a chunky stainless steel strap. It has two columns of blue LED's. The left column has five LED's a space and then a further nine.
Since taking control of Paint Shop Pro, Coral has added “Photo” to its title and provided annual versions of the software.
Meeting up with an old acquaintance can sometimes be a cultural shock as happened with my first view of the latest version of Corel's Paint Shop Pro Photo product.  Now up to X2 (surely if you are following the Roman numeral sequence then this should be XII), has been given a new set of clothes with a graphite grey coloured interface.  If this new colour for the interface is not to your taste then you can revert to the familiar old style colour scheme.
samsung i7

Samsung i70 Digital Camera

This is one of a range of cameras launched at the start of the year. I have investigated a couple from the ‘S’ range and one from the ‘L’ range. Here one from the ‘i’ range and shortly one from the other range the ‘NV’.
There are two items in this range 'aimed at the younger market' the i7 (slightly more expensive) and the one I have the i70. It is 8.5x6x2cm when closed. Slide the screen to the left (this adds 3cm to the 8.5cm length) as a simple way to turn it on or off. It weights close to 180grams so the silver grey colour is a metal. When closed only the flash is visible on the face. The right side has a door to cover the solid battery and SD card (no card supplied).
While perhaps not in the “make your own” category, a new drive from Memorex can be personalised.
Recently I have noticed a trend, already well established in the mobile phone and MP3 player arenas, that is beginning to make inroads into other types of mobile devices.  The trend in question involves the way that mobile devices are marketed as much for their style quota as for the functionality they offer to users.
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