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While headphones are a very convenient way of listening to your music it's good sometimes to go for the more traditional approach and listen through speakers. The EQ5 from Motorola are a small set of stereo Bluetooth speakers that double up as a speaker-phone.
The Motorokr EQ5 definitely fits into the portable category measuring 115x65x15mm (WxHxD) - almost identical to the iPod Touch. Very easy to slip into a pocket or bag. Build and design quality are both very good with a black fascia and silver trim and this is matched by a pretty good, although bass-light sound. A small but surprisingly stable wire stand folds out from the rear.
Rather than upgrading your notebook to one of the all-singing, all-dancing models, you could opt to improve its audio quality with the addition of a small device from Terratec.
Adding to its extensive range of TV, video and audio based products, Terratec has recently introduced a USB media card as part of its Aureon brand range. This new product is the Aureon Dual USB device which has been designed to add multi media centre capabilities to your desktop/notebook system. The kit consists of an 82mm USB stick, black in colour, and a small adaptor for use with optical digital output.
dane elect zpen digital pe

Dane-Elec Zpen

Often taking notes is discouraged simply because to make then permanent needs transcribing. One solution is a notebook or even a Tablet PC. These however are heavy and normally quite expensive. The Zpen from Dane-Elec is another somewhat cheaper option.
You write on a sheet of paper with the special pen and all your strokes are recorded in what looks like a paper clip, plug this clip into a USB port and then you can see what you had written on the paper on a PC screen. At this point it can be saved as a graphic or even a PDF file. Run another piece of provided software and it could even turn into text. This last piece of software works a little like OCR software works on printed output works on scanned input.
rowenta prelude kettl

Rowenta Prelude Kettle

Giving my trusty old electric kettle a holiday, allowed me the opportunity to check out a new stainless steel model from Rowenta.
Whether you favour tea, coffee or maybe a combination of the two (although not at the same time or in the same cup), a supply of hot water is essential to satisfy your choice of beverage.  One possible solution to supplying this hot water could be the Rowenta Prelude.  This stainless steel kettle has a capacity of 1.7 litres. Its description as a cordless kettle does raise the question of how the water is heated if there is no cord to connect to a power source.
If certain products can help improve your memory then perhaps something similar could be used to benefit your computer’s memory and its way of working.
Based in , O&O Software has been in the business of developing tools for use with Windows since 1997.  Sold in over 50 countries, these tools cover various aspects of Windows operating system including cache management and the use of memory with its O&O CleverCache product which is now up to version 6.
Here two items the first a quality speaker that runs of three ‘AAA’ batteries and the second a headset that enables your phone to remain firmly in your pocket or bag and thus saves you from becoming a target for thieves.
This is a single battery operated circular speaker for anything that has either a 3.5mm or 2.5mm output jack. It is described as a 360 degree speaker and that the battery life is stated to be 24 hours so is ideal for a small group to listen round. While it is likely the 'group' would be young people, I found that in a normal room environment this speaker gave plenty of volume from an MP3 player.
Oh how circumstances have charged with more resources and an improved enlightened attitude towards the presence of IT within the school curriculum.
During my time working at the chalk-face, admittedly several years ago, the prospect of one computer per child was considered little more than a pipe-dream.  The allocation of a school's computing resources, especially in a multi-storey building, was one computer per floor.
It's september so as (recent) history dictates it's time for Steve Jobs to take to the stage and show us what he hopes Santa will be delivering this year.
The changes this year though are more cosmetic than substantive. gave us the innovative and totally cool iPod Touch and the video capable iPod Nano. This year we have a new slimline Touch and a new nano that seems to have slipped back a generation in design from that launched only 12 months back. Let's look at the new Nano first. Last year saw a migration from long and thing to short and squat. This year sees a complete reversal of that back to tall and thin measuring 90.7x38.
LinkSys, a division of the networking giant Cisco, have taken a bet on the success of 3G 'mobile' technology with the release of this hybrid gateway/router product.
There are many devices around now that allow you to share a broadband Internet connection with computers and other devices in your home or small business. The LinkSys WRT54G3G adds to the standard broadband connection the ability to slot in a wireless 3G data card. The device can effectively connect your local home/business network to both a wire broadband connection via Ethernet and/or to a 3G mobile network using 3G/UMTS data card (standard PC-card format).
To describe this as a hand blender is a vast underestimate. Not only is it that but with the various containers it becomes far more with the ability to be quickly attached to turn it into a variety of useful kitchen gadgets.
First as the hand blender it is 36cm tall, holding it at the thickest part of the rubberised grip it is 15cm round just about comfortable for an adult hand. The top 19cm is the rubberised piece and this is where the powerful 700watt motor lives. There are two push buttons on/off and turbo but above these near the top is a control wheel with speeds from 1 to 5 for various tasks.
The first is a conventional watch with a plus that it can also be used as a Wi-Fi finder. The second is perhaps a clock that is a talking point more than something to tell the time but it does that as well.
Wi-Fi Finder Watch The instruction manual calls it rather grandly an Alarm Chronograph Module. Well I suppose it is as it can be used as a countdown timer, Chrono Timer, Regular Watch with Calendar, Alarm Mode and by pressing a button at the base of the face finds any Wi-Fi networks in range. The watch is 3.8x4.2x1.5cm and comes with a fitted rubberised strap.
As I mentioned last week, manufacturers and developers already have Christmas product line-ups in place.
This week the spotlight falls on Disney Interactive Studios, the interactive entertainment affiliate of the Walt Disney Company, with its range of multi-platform video games and entertainment products for the young and young at heart.
orbitsound t12 apple iPod sound syste

Orbitsound T12

This is the largest of three models that give a truly improved sound from the otherwise rather bland output available from the Apple iPod. While Orbitsound T12 unit comes with a sub woofer the really exciting stuff is developed in the main unit.
It is 53x13x10cm with leads inserted. The only thing I have not included is the height of your iPod above the top of the unit, simply because this will vary according to the model you use. The Orbitsound product produces 'airSOUND' from a single speaker giving not only an ordinary stereo effect but also a wide stereo. The nearest thing I have heard previously to this is a product devolped by Yamaha a few years ago but this was huge in comparison and was solely to give a decent output from a TV.
Cloning your hard disk by using appropriate software could come to your rescue in the event of disaster striking.
Like going to the dentist, making a back-up of your valuable data is often a task that is put off until a later date or perhaps forgotten about altogether.  Even knowing that the results could have dire consequences seems to make no difference as many feel that disaster would never happen to them so why take the time and trouble to perform a backup.
Giving your table lamp a helping hand is easy and possible with a product available from
Recently I had the electric lighting system in my home rewired.  The positioning of some lights, which I am still adjusting to, was moved while, in a couple of cases, cord-pulled switches replaced other types of on/off methods.  One innovative technology that I did not consider as part of the rewiring process was the use of hand movements to control various lighting conditions.
disgo media bank hdd syste

Disgo Media Bank

This is a 500GB external hard disk but that is far from all of it’s abilities, apart from connecting to a PC it can also connect to a TV, DVD player or set top box and it can store your own digital movie and music library for playback on your TV or PC.
It is 19.5x16x5cm with cables connected and it is shiny black but as this will never pass the lounge police it could happily sit in a draw of cupboard with only a trailing wire to tell it was there. The front has an on/off button and a .5cm thin strip window that shows various LED through it. The left side base and top have nothing while the rear has four connections power input, A/V in and A/V out and a USB port.
As we become increasingly mobile with our computing activity, we do need to be sure we are protected at all times from malicious threats.
I first came across and wrote about DriveSentry last year ( ).  In the intervening period, the company has been busy developing a new product which is currently available exclusively from the PC World chain of stores.  This product is DriveSentry GoAnywhere. It has been developed to safeguard removable devices from the one million plus Internet viruses that have been identified by computer experts.
As a radio lover I was very interested to get my hands on this pocket DAB radio from Goodmans. Billed as the "smallest personal/pocket DAB radio in the world" this could be exactly the replacement for my pocket FM radio.
Despite being a great fan of radio (I admit it - a Radio 4 listener) - I actually have very little time in which to listen. The best times for me are either when gardening or when running, and with the weather this year precious little gardening has been done! The Goodmans GHDAB101 measures 69.5 x 44 x 21.4mm and weighs a mere 68 grams. Power is provided by two AAA batteries, something I fully applaud.
blackdecker travel cooler portable fridg

Black&Decker Outdoors

Not as you may think power tools but a couple of high powered torches and then all you need to keep stuff cool or warm providing you have a cigar lighter socket nearby so ideal for days out in the car.
Black&Decker Light Bar BDLB14 Now summer is officially over maybe we will have some decent weather for those outdoor activities, the only problem is nights are drawing in so light is needed, while an ordinary torch will light you way its probably a pain to read with and certainly for things like eating not really enough. Here a 26.5cm tall light bar, it can be hung or stood on any flat surface.
While this is a digital photo frame it also plays music and can even play .AVI movies both sound and video, in fact it is a rather nice product all round. There has to be a minus point and my tests have produced two.
It is 32x21cm around the outside, if you have it flat against something it is 4cm thick if you use the fold out flap stand this adds another 11cm. The viewable area of the screen is 22x13cm giving the notional 10.2inches. In theory it can be controlled from the buttons on the rear of the unit, in fact to start a screen show you need the supplied remote control. This is the watch/clock battery type with ten buttons and of course the ubiquitous five position joystick.
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