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796904 Gigabyte Ultrablade 14 inch Gaming Lapto

Gigabyte P34

This is a smaller notebook offering from Gigabyte that comes with Windows 8. Whilst I did all the necessary updates this time I resisted the offer to upgrade to Windows 8.1. I instead completed my review with just what was delivered and the updates.
It is 33x23.5x1.8cm and weights 1765grams. It comes with Windows 8 and I decided not to do the optional upgrade to Windows 8.1. Gigabyte offer a range of shortcuts in Windows 8 on the Desktop screen some of which are incorporated in Windows 8.1 and these are lost if you do the upgrade. The left side has the Kensington lock fitment, Ethernet, VGA, two USB3 ports one has the option to stay live even when off for charging other devices and a dual headphone/microphone socket.
When I hear the words “Dragon Lily” it always seems to evoke memories of tales based on espionage featured in numerous old movies that were popular in days gone by. However “Dragon Lily” is also the name of a flowering plant and a product from Nakamichi. It should not come as a surprise to discover that it is the technology device rather than the horticultural one that is the subject of this review.
The Nakamichi Dragon Lily is a speaker system although I am a little hesitant as to whether a single device can really qualify for the system designation.  Of course it could be argued that the various connectivity options available with this product are the reason why it is deemed a system.  Options are available for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB and AUX connections.
Described as a third-party point-and-click adventure game, Shadows on the Vatican has been adapted from the David Yallop book “In God’s Name”. This book, which is featured in the game, was inspired by recent events in Italian history.
Unlike most computer games, which tend to be self-contained units, Shadows on the Vatican was designed, right from the start, to be an adventure that is spread over four acts which will be supplied on an individual basis.  This approach is, no doubt, partially influenced by the Marvel/DC Comics connection with Lorenzo Ruggiero who is the game’s Art Director.  The first act of this adventure, entitled Greed, is now available as part of Avanquest’s GSP game catalogue.
796910 AOC A2472Pw4t 23 inch touch screen monito

AOC Android All In One

This is a Touch Screen Unit from AOC, it is also an Android unit in the same case, however it can also be used to connect to a PC/notebook via D-Sub or HDMI and if you add the supplied USB cable this gives you a PC/notebook with full touch screen ability.
The AOC A2472Pw4t measures 60x37x3cm and has a viewable screen area of 51x29cm, which gives the notional diagonal imperial measurement of 23inches. The screen looks bigger as there are two borders, the border to the screen and then the actual units surround. To change from HDMI or D-Sub to Android you use the touch screen controls at the bottom right of the screen. This action can be done before boot or even when the Android system is running and it is possible to switch between the two.
796595 serif photoplus x7 image edit softwar

Serif PhotoPlus X7

As regular as clockwork, new versions of its software arrive from Serif. The latest such offering targets image management and editing.
Now up to version X7, PhotoPlus is the latest edition of Serif’s photo editing and management software. As is the usual policy with the product line-up from Serif, you will need to enter the relevant serial number as part of the software’s installation procedure.  You can also make decisions as to the location for the software and any file associations that are tied to the product before settling down to make use of PhotoPlus X7.
796534 Nuance Power PDF advance

Nuance's advanced Power PDF

Although applications are increasingly able to save files directly as PDFs, there is much more to PDFs and Nuance's Power PDF in particular. While the Standard version will meet the needs of the home and small business user, Advanced is targeted at corporate users with features such as redaction – the ability to black out specific names or other pieces of information.
Power PDF is straightforward to install and there is a helpful reminder that, if you change your computer and will want to use it on the new configuration, make sure that you have an active internet connection as this will de-activate your licence automatically so that one can re-install the software again with the same serial number. Once installed it can be treated as either a standalone program or one that is closely integrated with Microsoft applications.

Co Pilot on Android or iOS

Not long ago most cars had a Sat Nav but now a dedicated system is just another device, a lot of people rely on the mapping on their Smart Phones here is something – slightly more than an App – from one of the big players in Sat Nav.
Installation providing you have a serial number is just a matter of downloading the main file to your SmartPhone I used Android but I am told there is a Apple version. Once the file is downloaded enter your serial number and then choose which part of the worlds variety of maps you want.

Cyberlink YouCam Perfect Beauty Cam

I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of Free things I have reviewed, perhaps the most famous is Skype. Here an App for Android users that allows you to capture an image possibly a selfie and then use the tools provided to enhance it.
Cyberlink are a company that produce a range of very good software for PC users here however it’s a free App downloadable from the Google Play Store it is around 40MB so quick to download on a Wi-Fi link. I saw this shown when I was attending an event for their latest version of Power DVD a review will follow later.
While Nuance’s OmniPage is the dominant force in the field of OCR, it is not the only option as this next offering clearly indicates.
FineReader is an optical character recognition (OCR) software package.  It has been developed by ABBYY to convert scanned paper documents into an editable format.  The latest version of this software is FineReader 12 Professional.  Despite the Professional tag, this appears to be the standard version of the software and it is available from priced at £89.10.
796897 Prestigo Smart Health Pedomoter Wrist Ban

Prestigio Health Items

These are new to the UK although a sister company brought out a very good Blood Pressure watch some years ago. Here I am looking at Smart Scales, Smart Blood Pressure Cuff and a Smart Pedometer these with a free App that can monitor your health.
Currently the App is only available to work automatically with IOS devices using the recent version of Bluetooth. A version to run on Android is promised shortly. However those with older IOS units can enter their details manually. These are very smart bathroom scales, they have a wipe clean safety glass top and the rubber feet make it feel quite secure but perhaps best of all the scales are easy to read.
While ruling the roost on tablets and smartphones, touch screens have yet to do more than scratch the surface with computer desktop monitors.
Monitors often have a habit of hiding their functionality behind a model number which means little or nothing to the average purchaser.  Take for example the current monitor sitting on my workspace and providing feedback as I type in this review.  AOC, in its wisdom, has decided that this particular monitor should be known to all and sundry as the i2472Pwhut/BK model.
In the Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus game, you are cast in the role of Sarah Green, a young detective about to embark on her first solo case. She is given the task of solving the mysterious disappearance of a local doctor. This is Dr. Magnus, of the game’s title, who has been acting strangely following the tragic death of his wife and daughter in a car accident.
The  opening sequence of The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus is less than inspiring as a series of static images and printed text introduce you to your character, a victim of some strange dreams that are relevant to the story, and the case that is about to be investigated.  Options are available to adjust the volume level of the background music and sound effects plus play in widescreen or windowed mode.  Two levels of game play difficulty are available.
This is a Multi-Function Device in that it can print, scan, copy and for those who still use it fax. Unlike the recent offering that was monochrome this is colour and of course somewhat larger but in real terms really not that much larger.
The HP Colour Laser MFP M177fw measures 42x41x32cm, the only figure that needs a little more space is the last one if you are raising the lid on the flatbed, but as there is a rather good sheet feed then you only really need the flatbed to copy pages from books or magazines. The paper input tray is at the base and paper is inserted face up, it is delivered from the output shelf just under the scanner face down. All the connections power/network/USB/phone are back left.
I first came across wireless charging for mobile phones about four years ago. The device was called the Powermat, and it worked with my BlackBerry Pearl. Unfortunately the phone had to have a bulky new back attached for this to work, making the phone too thick to fit into its nice leather case. Times have changed. A few of today's phones come with wireless charging already enabled; others, like my Galaxy Note 3, have internal connections already in place to accept a wireless charging receiver as an after-market add-on. These can either come as an external protective case, or as a paper-thin internal attachment that fits under the existing removable back and adds hardly anything to the overall bulk of the phone.
The internally attached wireless receiver supplied by Luxa2 for this review is skimpy enough to allow the Galaxy Note 3's flexible back to be reattached, giving this otherwise straight-backed phone a barely perceptible curve. Fitting the receiver was a cinch, the electrical hookup being only a pressure connection between a set of three contacts, with a sticky adhesive strip to hold the new addition in place until you replace the back.
The Android operating system and touch capability go together like fish & chips even when served up on the desktop.
The ViewSonic VSD241 is an All-in-One (AIO) device that brings Android functionality to a 24-inch touch screen enabled monitor.  With dimensions of 604 x 419 x 187mm (W x H x D) and weighing around 7Kg, the VSD 241 is definitely a product that will be more at home when seated on a flat workspace.  An adjustable book stand attachment enables the VSD241 to be positioned upright on an appropriate work area for easy access when carrying out various tasks.

Healthcare on the phone

A virtual system has been launched which enables people to access a GP and other healthcare services via their smartphone. Named babylon –not to be confused with the online translation service or the Babylon Search toolbar – it will enable users to be put in touch with an experienced GP or, as appropriate, a specialist consultant. It is the first organisation of its kind to be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and receive designated body status from NHS England.
First an apology these arrived sometime ago and a friend said great could he borrow them for a couple of days as he was compiling a quiz. I forgot and he forgot and it is months later when I got them back so this is a very late review.
For those times when mains powered speakers or even large headphones are not acceptable then maybe a thumb sized speaker that enhances sound through what it rests on or maybe a set of decent earbuds may answer your needs.
This is shaped like a barrel being 3.5cm wide at the top and bottom and 4.5cm at the widest part in the centre it is also 4.5cm tall. The central 3.5cm strip is rubberised as is its lid. It weights a tiny 47grams and this includes the metal clip that allows you to fit a strap and it also holds the lid when flipped open. There are just two connections a micro USB (for charging) and a 3.5mm socket should you want to output music from any device that does not have Bluetooth.
787900 Canon PIXMA MX53

Canon PIXMA MX535

The Canon PIXMA MX535 is a multifunction device that offers print, scan, copy and Fax capabilities. Other features include an ADF (Automatic Document Feed) and automatic Duplex printed to help save on paper. There is support for both wired and wireless connectivity when adding this device to your computer set-up.
Predominately black in colour with white labels, the PIXMA MX535 has dimensions of 458 x 385 x 200mm (W x D x H) and weighs in at 8.5kg.  Rounded corners and a tapered top help give the unit an element of style but, even so, this product would be more at home in an office environment or, at a pinch, a study room for the home worker. Built into the scanner lid, sitting on top of the unit, is the AFD module.
790667 Kingston Digital 32GB Data Traveler MicroDu

Kingston Micro Duo OTG

A lot of my time recently has involved showing screens of one device on another device (Mirroring) this is a young task and the solutions sometimes do and sometimes don’t work. This tiny device from Kingston is rather better at transferring data between two incompatible devices.
A few Android devices had a simple cable that connected a micro USB port to one that allowed you to insert a standard memory stick into it as if it was a standard USB port; this was a great feature that for some reason did not work with all devices. If you can persuade your Android device to show USB storage then this will normally work. To do this I found that a free App from the Play Store ES File Explorer is the most likely to give you this functionality.
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