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Putting your digital video content to good use is the aim of software available from Pinnacle.
Not to be confused with VideoStudio 11 Plus from Corel, Studio Plus version 11 from Pinnacle does perform a similar function as it helps you capture, edit and burn your digital media content.  Three versions of Studio Plus 11 are available.  These are Standard, Plus and Ultimate.  This review is based on the Plus product which certainly does not stint with the amount of material supplied with this product.
zyxel nbg318s cabel modem route

ZyXEL Cable Router with wireless

Not only can this connect all those on a single connection from NTL/Telewest/Virgin but also allow wireless connection and it even has a wireless/USB stick for those PC’s or notebook without wireless built in.
Until recently my connection was ADSL and then I decided that the NTL/Virgin offer was worth the swap. You get a small box with a coaxial connection in and then a single Ethernet connector to go to a PC so the change to look at the ZyXEL Cable Modem was ideal. You may already have and this was used to help with that. However at that stage the Wireless aerial and USB stick that come with this Router had yet to leave the box. Then the in so Wireless was required and this provided it.
Through the many years that have past since the first whisps of stubble fought their way on my spotty young chin I've tried all the various shaving solutions in a vain attempt to create a baby smooth finish.
During that time I've switched periodically between electric razors and wet shaving. By far the best result is always from a good wet shave, albeit often with the effect tarnished a little by the odd nick by one of the ever increasing number of blades. I've recently been offered the chance to put the new Remington Titanium MS 5800 electric shaver through it's paces.
With the increase in digital photos, it does seem appropriate to display them using modern technology.
It was over two years ago that I first laid eyes on a digital photo frame.  This was during a period when Microsoft started pushing the concept of a digital home based around Windows Media Centre and the Xbox.  The digital photo frame, at that time, seemed like a throw-away idea but gradually it has gained wider acceptance and now a number of companies, including Polaroid, are offering this type of device for the modern home environment.
Sometimes a review can be difficult to complete especially when you have become addicted to the game on which the review is based.
One element that has remained fairly constant throughout the different versions of Windows has been the Minesweeper game.  Apart from some very minor make-over touches, the game has remained the same.  Although this game does have a loyal band of fans, I am definitely NOT one of them.  Nothing about the game has appealed to me.
epson stylus dx7400 multifunction printe

Epson Stylus DX7400

This is quite a squat unit, it will never pass the lounge police as it is very dark grey, so if not in an office into a cupboard never to see the light of day.
It is 44x34x16cm the latter figure the height increases by 18cm when there is paper in the rear vertical tray waiting for printing. This is an All In One unit as it prints copies and scans. There is no fax capability so it's not a Multi Function unit. As always the first set of Epson cartridges (four colour four cartridges unit) last very little time as a good proportion go on the initial charge.
It sometimes surprises me how quickly mobile phones have come to be regarded as a fashion accessory rather than a useful tool.
According to my Concise Oxford Dictionary, one of the definitions of "prism" relates to "triangular, with refracting surfaces at acute angles with each other".  The reason for this excursion into the realms of lexicography is a new mobile phone from Nokia's fashion brand.  This is the Nokia 7500 Prism which, if nothing else, is certainly a distinctive and eye-catching model.
I worked for many years in the networking industry, seeing first the widespread use of big thick COAX cable to network computers, then thinner twisted pair wiring into centralised switching rooms. Wired technology was never widely adopted in the home for obvious reasons, but the idea of making use of the existing mains power cabling was often anticipated.
Despite the ready availability of power cables to every point of every house, running data over an environment that was designed to carry high voltage and high power was never going to be easy.
After my recent review of the excellent Analogue TV from Polaroid I took little persuading to look at their brand new digital offering.
The Polaroid Definia is totally black not only the screen surround but also the speakers mounted below the screen. First the dimensions, it is 83x58cm and the rectangular stand (23x51cm) raises it 7cm above the base. It is a maximum of 10cm thick and the actual screen is 69x39cm giving the notional 32inch diagonal measurement, (actually 31.
hasbro subbuteo rapid respons

Two MB Games from Hasbro

At the time of writing several large retailers had special offers on certain MB games so look around and you may even beat the prices I can find. Here I am looking at an International version of Subbuteo and Operation Rapid Response.
Subbuteo Dream Team Stadium It was certainly a long time ago when I played Subbuteo - I seem to rember that my older brother always thrashed me - but that was the prerogative of an older brother. While the green playing surface is the same not much else is. The players used to be cardboard now they are high quality plastic (three to a card) and with the 'Dream Team' they come from different teams.
Photographs, like memories, can fade or become lost over time. Protections from Polaroid is at hand.
Past generations would store their precious photographic memories in albums or, in some cases, old shoe boxes and the like.  Every so often they would be brought out to bring memories flooding back to those viewing the images.  Nowadays we rely more on the digital format, rather than the paper variety, of these images that are links to past events and earlier versions of ourselves.
bluetooth headset

Bluetooth Headset Review

With so many Bluetooth headsets on the market our guide will help you choose the one for you.
Bluetooth headsets Does anyone know why the roads are so busy at this time of year? Is it the special Christmas road works or all you lovely consumers ordering presents on-line which eventually have to be delivered out to your door? Sitting in a traffic jam the other day I was counting the number of people using their
nabaztag wi fi rabbi

Nabaztag Wi Fi Rabbit

This is something that I first saw just over a year ago, a version was available but a new version was only a couple of weeks away. I gave up after six months of requests and then a few weeks ago I am told it’s available.
First this is an almost white rabbit that seems to have only ears, face and part of it's upper body. It is a maximum of 24cm tall to the tips of it's upraised ears and a maximum of 40cm round. Looking at my notes of a year ago I see that it has 17 different colours of lights not only displayable in it's belly but also it's face and ears.
I was more than a little skeptical when a toothbrush priced at over £130 arrived here for review. At first I thought there must be some mistake in the pricing - but no. This is the most advanced toothbrush in the Oral-B range.
I've been a fan of electric toothbrushes for a number of years now, but have been generally let down by the quality of the product, which often fails after a few months. Although not expensive in money terms - the sheer waste gets to me. Each of those (and I won't mention names) probably cost between £10 and £20 - often on special offer. The Orab-B Triumph is in a different class.
As water covers the greater part of this world’s surface, it makes sense to use this element for various purposes such as providing power.
Combining the current drive towards energy conservation with the extreme weather conditions we have had to endure during the summer months and a product available from seems entirely appropriate.  That product is a clock with alarm, timer, and the ability to display the current temperature in either Centigrade or Fahrenheit.   However none of these functions have anything to do with the previously mentioned appropriateness.
Taking its inspiration from a comic book series, this title features a betting scam, bone characters and a great cow race.
For the benefit of the uninitiated, of which I was a member until very recently, Bone is a classic comic book series drawn and written by Jeff Smith.  Independently published, the Bone series consisted of 55 issues, which were released over a period from 1991 and 2004, and featured the adventures of bone characters and others.
samsung s85 digital compact camer

Samsung S85 Digital Camera

Samsung have had two sets of digital cameras launched this year, here I am looking at the S85 the first I have seem from the most recent launch in August.
Even though it is small enough to fit in the palm of my hand it feels very solid and weights in at 215grams. It is 9.5x6.5x2cm but the last measurement the thickness increases by 3cm when you are switched on and at full zoom. This has a 5x optical zoom (just that little bit better than the norm of 3x) and can take images up to 8.
mogo x54 bluetooth travel mous

Mogo X54 has the 'X' factor

If you need an ultra-portable super-flexible mouse for your laptop, look no further
Mogo X54 Mouse from Newton Peripherals I had an original Bluetooth PC Card Mouse from Mogo that worked fantastically every time with my laptop - a great neat piece of technology. Then I upgraded my computer and ended up with a PC express slot and rued the day I couldn't use my super-slim, ultra-portable mouse. The launch of the new Mogo 54 is a godsend to all those of us out in the PC card wasteland who hate using touch pads.
I’ve used a set of Yamaha speakers for many years on various computers and was keen to check out the company’s latest portable speaker system.
Whether your music is stored on a notebook or MP3 player, there will always come a time when the audio output quality could become an issue.  While a good set of headphones might suffice in some circumstances, this will not always be the case especially when there is a need to share with others.  In such a situation, an external speaker system might be more appropriate.  One possible candidate is the Yamaha NX-U10.
Certainly a lot more than another bedroom TV, this has the ability to view HD, it is of course widescreen and at 19inches is far more watchable and just for good measure it has a built in DVD player.
First the measurements it is 47x35x6cm when on the stand that is 24x17cm and raises it up by 4cm. The screen is 41x26cm and this gives the 19inch diagonal measurement. There is a 52 page A4 manual and it is filled with lots of illustrations that are useful if only because this is not just a TV but so many devices. The only assembly required is to slot the base into the TV, no screws or twist and it's a good fit.
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