Ricoh SP 3600DN LaserRicoh SP 3600DN Mono Laser rated 8 out of 10

The Ricoh SP 3600DN product is a mono laser printer. This particular unit has been developed to replace the Ricoh SP3500N, SP364510DN and SP4100NL models. As such Ricoh believes this product would be best suited for use in a small office or home office environment where it could service the printing needs of between 2 and 5 users.

Heston Blumenthal precision kitchen scalesHeston Blumenthal precision kitchen scales rated 10 out of 10

Aug 31, 2015 in Homes and Gardens
The Heston Blumenthal Dual Platform precision kitchen scales from Salter greatly improve the accuracy in weighing of ingredients and so will find favour with anyone who takes their cooking seriously.

HomeMonitor HD ProHomeMonitor HD Pro rated 8 out of 10

Aug 31, 2015 in Cameras
Security in one form or another is a big market. Here I am talking about home security in this case an easy to install and setup solution supplied to me with a single camera but the software with it is able to handle many more cameras.

Booq Boa Shift BackpackBooq Boa Shift Backpack rated 8 out of 10

Aug 30, 2015 in Misc
This item would be for those who go out and about a lot. As soon as a say ‘high quality’ it also means ‘high price’ but the two can go together to produce an excellent well-made product so if you walk a lot then you are made for this item.

Brother Mono Laser AIO DCP-L2520dwBrother Mono Laser AIO DCP-L2520dw rated 8 out of 10

Aug 29, 2015 in Printers/Scanners
This mono laser can print, scan and copy. It is a quite small unit so would easily fit into a cupboard or even onto a strong shelf, being black or perhaps more accurately very dark grey it is unlikely to pass the tests imposed by the ‘lounge police’.

Vodafone Smart Phone 6Vodafone Smart Prime 6 rated 7 out of 10

Aug 28, 2015 in Phones Review : Vodafone Smart Prime 6
The Smart Prime 6 is a new member of the Vodafone family of smartphones. In this particular case, the Smart Prime 6 offering is a Vodafone 4G enabled model that is being targeted at the budget market sector with a price point of £80.00 on a PAYG basis.

review 863800 Alcatel ONETOUCH IDOL 3 smart phonAlcatel OneTouch Idol 3Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 rated 8 out of 10

Aug 27, 2015 in Phones
Motorola certainly opened a Pandora style box with the release of its Moto G smartphone. As a result other companies are now developing handsets that combine reasonable specifications with a price point that does not cause you to catch your breath or feel a pinch on your wallet. One such example of this trend is the Idol 3 from Alcatel OneTouch. For those unfamiliar with Alcatel OneTouch, I should explain that the brand is the result of a joint venture between Alcatel Lucent of France and TCL Communication of China.

review 863801 avanquest Jurassic Realm gamMatch-3 Dinosaur ActionAvanquest GSP Jurassic Realm rated 9 out of 10

Placed on a remote island, your task is to locate various dinosaurs buried beneath the scenery. Are you up to the task?

review 864044 braun series 9 shaveBraun Series 9 Wet and Dry 9095ccBraun Series 9 Wet and Dry 9095cc rated 7 out of 10

Aug 26, 2015 in Health and Beauty
The latest offering from Braun to keep your face perfectly smooth, it is both a wet and dry shaver but unlike the last version I reviewed that had rubber sides this has a chrome effect and is therefore easier to drop if wet really means wet, like in the shower or bath.

review 863799 tom tom start 60 GPS navigatoNavigational AssistanceTom Tom Start 60 rated 6 out of 10

Aug 25, 2015 in Misc Review : Tom Tom Start 60
When thinking about devices for providing navigational aids and other kinds of driving assistance, such as SatNav units, one name that immediately springs to mind is that of TomTom. This is a company that concentrates its expertise on the particular area of SatNav and has developed various ranges of products including the Start brand. One such offering is the TomTom Start 60 product, supplied by QVC for the purpose of this review.

review 864042 emfit sleep analyzeEmfit QS Sleep AnalizerEmfit QS Sleep Analizer rated 7 out of 10

Aug 24, 2015 in Health and Beauty
Earlier this year I found a device that you do not need to wear that analyse your sleep patterns, that device came from Finland. Now a second somewhat similar device and they also come from Finland, my geography is not that great but two companies producing sleep analyst tools from a single European country is surely something a little unusual.

review 863880 Microsoft Lumia 640 5 Inch SIM Free SmartphonVodafone Microsoft Lumia 640Vodafone Microsoft Lumia 640 rated 8 out of 10

Aug 23, 2015 in Phones
The Microsoft Lumia 640 from Vodafone is a slim 4G 5 inch versatile smartphone which, being Windows Phone based, will also provide the compatibility with Microsoft Office applications that will be a boon to many serious users.

review 864045 Compact Lenses Folding Reading Glasses JeReading Glasses from Compact LensesReading Glasses from Compact Lenses rated 8 out of 10

Aug 23, 2015 in Misc
Even if you have good vision for things like driving and TV as you get older you are likely to need glasses for reading. While some can go to a pound shop and find something that works for you perhaps size is something to temp you.

review 863105 Withings Activite Pop Smart WatcWithings ActivitéWithings Activate Activit%E9  rated 7 out of 10

Aug 22, 2015 in Misc Review : Withings Activate Activité
Currently Withings has two different products offering a combination of an analogue time keeping device and health tracking features. These products are the Withings Activité and the Activité Pop. Having reviewed the Activité Pop (see, it is now the turn of the top-of-the-range Activité model.

review 863779 SiliconDust HDHomeRun CONNECT 2 Tuner Streaming Media Player HDHR4 2DHD HomeRun ConnectHD HomeRun Connect rated 8 out of 10

Aug 21, 2015 in Entertainment
A small box that allows you to beam your TV signal anywhere across your Network, it can work with Windows, MAC, Android or even Linux. So once connected you should be able to view your TV signal aerial or cable anywhere in your home.

review 863132 LINDY BTS 360 Bluetooth Speaker with NFA Lindy SpeakerLindy BTS-360 rated 6 out of 10

Aug 20, 2015 in Misc Review : Lindy BTS-360
Bluetooth Speakers continue to be a popular item with regards to new products. This latest offering arrives from Lindy.

review 863122 avanquest roay settlement 145Make the King HappyAvanquest GSP Royal Settlement 1450 rated 6 out of 10

This next title transports you back to the year 1450 as you enter the world of Royal Settlement created by the German based team of Magnussoft.

review 863780 Vodafone Smart Prime 6 Pay As You Go HandseVodafone Smart Prime 6Vodafone Smart Prime 6 rated 8 out of 10

Aug 19, 2015 in Phones
A full featured SmartPhone for £79 is something to make anyone stop and listen, the logic is that corners must have been cut, as far as I can see this has not been the case so I say again a full featured SmartPhone for £79 is this offering from Vodafone.

review 863131 Y cam HomeMonitor HD PrOutdoor SecurityY-CAM HomeMonitor HD Pro Outdoor Security Camera HMHDE05 rated 8 out of 10

According to the College of Policing if your home does not have any security measures in place then you are five times more likely to be the victim of a burglary than those homes who have implemented simple measures. To give you some idea as to the scale of this type of crime, burglary remains a fixture in the Top Ten crimes committed each month with 33,084 instances reported during April 2015. While this next product will not guarantee to keep your home safe from a break-in, it does offer help that could result in the possible return of your property.

Knowhow Tips and MoreKnowhow Tips and More rated 8 out of 10

Aug 17, 2015 in Misc
A range of companies have ‘Xmas In July’ events to show what they consider will be their big sellers or must have items for the Christmas selling period, one of those is the Dixons Store Group who have a help scheme called Knowhow.
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