A Basic Inkjet PrinterCanon PIXMA iP2850 rated 8 out of 10

Aug 28, 2014 in Printers/Scanners Review : Canon PIXMA iP2850
Not everybody needs a printer with various bells and whistles such as Wi-Fi and remote printing capability. The subject of this next review is just such as basic device.

Redemption Cemetery Times TwoFocus Multimedia Big Fish Games Redemption Cemetery Grave Testimony Salvation of the Lost rated 9 out of 10

Redemption Cemetery is a series of Hidden Object Adventure games, currently standing at five, published originally by Big Fish Games. Focus Multimedia has taken two of these titles and bundled then together in a single package which is priced at the company’s usual £10.20 level.

Homedics Shiatsu Foot MassagerHomedics Shiatsu Foot Massager rated 8 out of 10

Aug 27, 2014 in Health and Beauty
Having done an excessive amount of walking over the recent weeks at the range of Christmas In July events this was lovely. In previous years shoulders and then backs have had Shiatsu attention, this year it is the turn of feet.

Triple PowerlineDevolo dLAN 650 Triple+ rated 8 out of 10

Aug 26, 2014 in Misc Review : Devolo dLAN 650 Triple+
If a wireless network does not work for you then this next Devolo product might provide a solution.

Archos 50 Helium 4GArchos 50 Helium 4G rated 8 out of 10

Aug 25, 2014 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
Archos are a company that has made Tablets but a quick rack of my brain cannot remember any phones from them in the past. While this is a phone it is of course also a PDA and as it runs Android also a Tablet so a three in one device.

Dragon gets even betterDragon gets even better rated 9 out of 10

Aug 24, 2014 in Software
The latest version of Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition software, Version 13, is more accurate, easier to train and works with a wider range of applications than previously. Consequently, an even wider range of people should be able to benefit from its use.

Freeloader iSISFreeloader iSIS rated 7 out of 10

Aug 24, 2014 in Misc
A mobile charging device, not just a standard device but one that should be able to charge your devices – it can do several at once – for no additional cost after you have purchased the Freeloader. This feat is accomplished by using solar power.

A Bigger Jar of JamHo-Medics HMDX Jam Plus rated 8 out of 10

Aug 23, 2014 in Entertainment Review : Ho-Medics HMDX Jam Plus
This is not a case of “Jam tomorrow” as offered in Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Did Next”. Instead it is, in fact, Jam today as HMDX adds another device to its series of Jam portable speakers. This is the Jam Plus which, as you might suppose from its title, is the slightly larger sibling of the company’s original Jam device that I reviewed last year.

STM Drifter BackpackSTM Drifter Backpack rated 8 out of 10

Aug 22, 2014 in Health and Beauty
This unit is designed to take up to a 15.6inch notebook/laptop. It does however have room for a few extras so could be just about big enough to contain a spare shirt and socks etc so could just about constitute an overnight bag.

review 835131 Hoover UnPlugged UNP300R Turbo Stick Vacuum CleaneCordless HooveringHoover Unplugged UNP300RS rated 7 out of 10

While not everybody’s favourite household task, a vacuum cleaner, especially a cordless one, can help.

review 835132 avanquest hidden files echos of JFHidden Files: Echoes of JFKAvanquest GSP Echoes of JFK rated 5 out of 10

Aug 20, 2014 in Entertainment Review : Avanquest GSP Echoes of JFK
With the various conspiracy theories, the assassination of J F Kennedy is an obvious target (no pun intended) on which the developers of games can base their work. One example of this is Hidden Files Echoes of JFK. Available from Avanquest GSP label, this game sets you the task of investigating more modern day events that are meant to have a connection with the assassination of JFK on the 22nd of November 1963.

review 835110 Samson MediaOne BT3 Active Studio MonitorMediaOne BTMediaOne BT rated 9 out of 10

Aug 20, 2014 in Entertainment
This pair of speakers are described as ‘Monitors’ which for those who do not know is a term used by musicians to have speakers facing themselves so they can hear what they are playing. Here there is a twist in that they can accept Bluetooth input.

review 834968 g technology g drive thunderbolExtra Storage SpaceG-Technology G-Drive rated 7 out of 10

Aug 19, 2014 in Misc Review : G-Technology G-Drive
While perhaps not “as cheap as chips” as one television presenter is inclined to mention when discussing the value of an item, the cost of additional storage for either Windows or Apple computers is becoming increasingly affordable as the amount of storage capacity on offer increases.

review 835234 motorola motog 4g android smart phonMoto G goes 4GMoto G goes 4G rated 8 out of 10

Aug 18, 2014 in Phones
Now that Motorola has launched its Moto G 4G, users will be able to choose between the 3G and the new 4G version. It is an upgrade to its existing 3G version -- a powerful Android smartphone which has already attracted a great deal of attention because of its performance and value for money and which has already become the phone of choice to many who have been deterred by the high prices of other smartphones.

review 835109 Salter 1101 WHDR Electronic Y ScalHeston Blumenthal and Salter

Yes the round of Christmas shows has started, I know September has only just begun but various companies show what they think will be on your Christmas wish lists in JULY and here are the first two offerings from one such event held at the Ice Tank in London on what was one of the hottest days of the year and the venue certainly was not even cool.

review 835108 autographer wearable camerCamera from AutographerCamera from Autographer rated 6 out of 10

Aug 17, 2014 in Cameras
Most of us have two hands but often for taking photographs – especially selfies – another would be useful. So here something from Autograph designed for that purpose among others, not another hand but mounts that leaves your hands free.

review 834967 avanquest enigmatis mists ravenwooThe Mist of RavenwoodAvanquest GSP Enigmatis: The Mist of Ravenwood rated 9 out of 10

Enigmatis: The Mists of Ravenwood is the sequel to Enigmatis: The Ghost of Maple Creek, a game that I seemed to have missed for some reason.

review 834971 Alcatel ONETOUCH POP S3 5050Alcatel's 4G starter phone on EEAlcatel's 4G starter phone on EE rated 9 out of 10

Aug 15, 2014 in Phones
The Alcatel One Touch Pop S3, available on the EE network as a pay-as-you-go phone for £79, is one of the cheapest – if not the cheapest – available 4G phones. It is an entry level phone that will meet the needs of a great many people at an acceptable price.

review 835107 tefal gv7550e0 express easy control steam iroTefal Express Easy ControlTefal Express Easy Control rated 8 out of 10

Aug 15, 2014 in Homes and Gardens
Sorry not a coffee machine – ones in the pipeline – but something almost as vital for every home an iron. Certainly nothing like any iron I have used before it looks almost professional as are the claims made for what it does.

review 834966 MobileLite Wireless G2_MLWG2_hr_20_05_2014 17_1Next Generation StreamingKingston MobileLite Wireless G2 rated 10 out of 10

Aug 14, 2014 in Wireless Review : Kingston MobileLite Wireless G2
This time last year I checked out the Kingston MobileLite Wireless product. This device allowed you to stream content wirelessly to various mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. The content being streamed was stored on SD memory cards and USB flash sticks. Since my original review Kingston has been busy developing the next generation of this product which, appropriately enough, is entitled MobileLite Wireless G2.
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