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This is certainly big; in fact I was not sure I could fit it in my lounge in the normal place. My first surprise was that I could lift it easily enough onto its stand and then onto the unit where it sits.
The 46" Sharp Aquos LCD television measures 111x67x10cm and assuming you do not select to wall mount it sits on a small oval stand 50x30cm that lifts the unit 10cm. Fitting the stand involves adding a metal bar to the back of the TV and then using a supplied hex key to attach it with four bolts add four bolts to attach this to the stand and the whole thing is solid. There are a total of eleven input sources although most will have less available.
War and diplomacy often go hand-in-glove when nations start to expand their territorial boundaries. Put your strategy acumen to the test with a collection from Paradox Interactive.
A trend that is sometimes used with popular games is for the original publisher/developer to sell on the licence after the first flush of sales to a budget label.  The games can then be sold, at a reduced price, to users who might have missed out on the original launch.  However when a series of titles, rather than a single game, are involved then another approach is often used.  The various titles are bundled together in the form of a compilation or special collection.
Like a car, your computer can benefit from a session with a mechanic such as a package available from iolo
While a car requires a MOT certificate to show it is in good working order, your computer has no need for such documentation.  However your computer does require regular overhauls to ensure performance is not hindered by internal and external influences.  Just because you do not need a certificate, it does not relieve you of the responsibility to ensure your computer is running smoothly.  One software package that offers to help in this respect is System Mechanic from iolo.
576589 canon powershot g10 digital camer

Canon PowerShot G10

A camera that sits very nicely somewhere between the ‘point and shoot’ and a DSLR. This unit does have a flash shoe but works perfectly well with the excellent built in flash. In fact the 5x wide zoom and 15MP images make this a very powerful unit.
It is 10x7x4.5cm this last figure the width can increase by up to another 4cm when the lens is fully zoomed. It weights a chunky 400grams. Having recently looked at a couple of very powerful units I was concerned that going back to a basic digital camera would be something of a culture shock. However this powerful unit was a very enjoyable experience. Some might even put this on a par with a DSLR. The rear of the unit is dominated by the 6x4.5cm TFT display.
For a number of years Roxio and Nero seem to have been playing leapfrog as their burning/media creating software has fought for supremacy. I recently took a look at the latest Nero 9 product and now it is the turn of Roxio Creator 2009.
Released just before but arriving on my desktop just after Nero 9, Creator 2009 is the twelfth version of a product that used to be known as Easy Media Creator.  This review is based on the Ultimate Edition of the software which adds a High-Def/Blu-ray Disc plug-in plus tools for audio and backup that are added to the basic package.
576532 asus eeepc 1000h

Eee PC 1000HE

Another rather nice small PC from Asus marketed under the Eee brand. The main difference that will encourage you to look at this unit is that it has a claimed ‘working day’ of battery life, this is stated to be 9.5 hours. With the average battery life of most notebooks around 3 hours this is huge.
The Asus Eee PC 1000HE measures 26x19x4cm and weights 1.4kilos. The battery does not protrude but is slightly thicker than the rest causing a very slight forward slant but this just aids typing. The screen dimensions are 22x13cm giving the notional diagonal measurement of 10.1inches. The display size 1024x600 and the screen (hurrah) is not that reflective meaning in bright light you do not get that much reflection. Finally on the screen surround there is a 1.3MP webcam built in.
These two objects give you a sample of what can be purchased using USB. First a speaker shaped light a bulls head to give a decent volume from an iPod or MP3 player. Second an SD Card reader that comes in standard and micro sizes.
While you may not be able to call on the resources of a Spielberg or Lucas, your computer and appropriate software will give you the opportunity to wear a Director’s hat.
A couple of weeks ago I told you about some very neat (even secret) cameras and excellent software from Logitech, it was however rather expensive. Here a far simpler Ethernet solution that may well fit the job and even the pocket.
While D-Link do a wireless version I am looking here at the wired version of there security camera, the DCS-910. It is 11x7.5x4cm. The Ethernet cable and the A/C power go into the bottom of the unit but do not protrude beyond the casing. There is a screw fitting in back to allow mounting. Doing installation you are asked to note the MAC code on the rear of the camera this you then select from a list (not so important if you only have one) given later in the setup.
While the telephone can be a life-line for the elderly, they might have a problem hearing the phone when it rings if their hearing is impaired
As we grow older so the wear and tear of life can affect out faculties without any outward evidence.  It is not until we struggle focusing on small text or mis-hear a comment from others that the penny drops (of course we probably would not hear it but that’s not the point).  Fortunately technology (along with a visit to an optician or optometrist) can help overcome some frailties.
Starting in Victorian London of 1889, The Clockwork Man is a hidden object game which has been developed by Total Eclipse and is published by GameHouse.
As is becoming increasingly standard with games of this genre, The Clockwork Man has a storyline of sorts and has a number of mini-games which take the form of puzzles that need to be solved in order to make progress.  In some cases the mini-games rely on finding certain objects so that the task can be completed. You are cast in the role of Miranda Calomy, a young lady whose appearance and attitude is completely at odds with what you might expect from a Victorian lady.
At last a Kodak printer that seems to resist the temptation to jam at the drop of a hat, however this is a far more sturdy machine and is actually a multi function unit (as it has fax) and not an All In One as Kodak call it.
The Kodak ESP9 is very black and measures 43x39x25cm, as the paper cassette pokes out behind the main body this covers any extension caused by the cables. Software installation is very straightforward and you come to a point where you have the choice of Ethernet, Wireless, USB or None. The latter can be useful if you are using a switch or print server and the hardware is not yet available. I connected by USB.
An iPod can keep you entertained during the day and help you awake from a restful night’s sleep.
The success of a product can sometimes be judged by the state of the add-on industry that it creates.  An obvious example of this is the third-party products that have been developed to add functionality to the ubiquitous iPod device in all its incarnations.  Numerous companies have taken advantage of this Apple phenomena to rack up sales for the various peripheral devices designed to enhance the user’s experience whether in-car, in-home or where ever they might be located.
574791 clickfree transformer USB hard disk connecto

Clickfree Transformer

A few weeks ago I told you about Clickfree a painless backup solution, that used its own external hard disk. This option allows you to use any USB drive you might already own it consists of a dongle with the Clickfree software on it.
The Clickfree Transformer comes in a 23x4x2cm box with the lead ending in the dongle in it, there is a tiny lable attached with the three connection steps attached that’s all. The back of the box repeats these three steps and adds the system requirements of a Windows Vista, XP or 2000 computer with USB port and 100MB of free hard disc space. I had a small 20GB USB drive doing nothing so this was formatted and called into use.
574790 water cloc

Water Clock and Special Socks

This may seems like a strange mix but such is life. The first a clock that runs on water. The second maybe suitable for anyone with back problems special ribbed socks, while running is not on my agenda if you were fitter you may be able to.
A pent house suite in Mayfair and an establishment in the heart of Soho were the locations for a couple of press briefings that dealt with initiatives designed to entice users to expand their mobile experience. Dragging my weary bones through the thoroughfares of London, as it basked in an unseasonably warm spell, I attended both events.
It should come as no surprise, with the wide spread influence of mobile communications, that two separate companies made announcements regarding their services within a twenty-four hour period.  What is slightly more surprising is that both these announcements relate to partnership deals with established hardware or software service providers.
A lot of notebooks – especially smaller ones – have limited ports, some manufacturers provide expansion docks but at a price. So any universal dock is certainly worth a good look, here one requiring a single USB port from Kensington.
The Kensington VGA notebook expansion dock measures 25x7x4cm and weights 270grams. Ideal for those who use a notebook out and about and at a desk. Leave the peripherals attached to the expansion dock when you are out and about and when you return to your desk you just need to connect the USB cable supplied to your notebook and everything should be ready to use. Looking at the notebook expansion dock you have a set of connections.
572343 logitect v450 nano portable mous

A Logitech Mouse : Logitech,V450 Nano

Once known as the Mouse Company, Logitech has not forgotten its roots and regularly updates its collection of pointing devices as can be seen with this offering.
575453 enkord totem trib

Totem Tribe : Enkord,Totem Tribe

Better known for its puzzle centric titles, Enkord has come up with a new game that sets you the challenge of bringing peace to a series of islands.
574788 hp elitebook 2730p tablet laptop noteboo

HP EliteBook 2730p

This Netbook sized notebook/tablet PC uses a low power Intel Centrino processor (all other netbooks seem to use the Atom processor that is not really powerful enough for Vista) so what has this HP offering got to get you buying it?
The HP EliteBook 2730p looks superb with the unit –apart from the base – being brushed aluminium. It is 29x21x3cm and it weights 1.72 kilos. You can shut the lid without turning it off or putting it into standby. However the weight gives the first problem walking around with 1.72 kilos in your hand all day soon becomes tiring. The 2GB of RAM and the dual core processor just about make Vista usable.
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