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Adding to its recently redesigned product line-up of colour inkjet multifunction devices, Brother has released its DCP-350C model.
This product brings together the capability to print, scan and copy documents from a single item of kit with the aid of a colour LCD feature.  Combining matt silver and creamy white colours with a rectangular box shape, the DCP-350C has an attractive appearance that would not look out of place in a small office or home environment.
shure se110 sound isolating earphon

Shure SE110 Ear Phones

The trend for carrying your music with you, started by Sony with the Walkman cassette player back in 1979. Things have progressed to the point where you can carry an entire lifetimes music in the palm of your hand.
Click image to enlarge An industry that started as a portable cassette player has developed into the myriad of devices of varying capabilities and varying capacities - ranging from a simple flash based player through to to video playback.
lg touch me FM37E4 mp3 playe

LG Touchscreen MP3 Player

This is a total touchscreen MP3 player that can also play video and much more. The only physical controls are on the top the on/off hold and on the side the tiny record button.
It is 10x5x1cm and finished in a matt metal effect with chromed sides. The total weight is only 65grams it will sit comfortably in your palm. The hold (lock) part of the unit is very important as when it is in your pocket the slightest touch on the screen is likely to change tracks. The screen is 5x3.6cm and it can display video quite well.
cd jonny boston and jazz piano legend

Two Great CDís

Often a tune is inexorably linked to one musician (even if they have not composed it) their style is also unique, so when one pianist can play several styles this is special. Also here the latest offering from a UK musician who annunciates every word, great.
Geoff Eales  Jazz Piano Legends Sixteen tracks each well known by different master pianists all played by one man. On at least half of these you would certainly think it is the original master playing them. However this is not an exercise to simply mimic the original.
When looking for a device that is both different and ecological aware you might like to consider Oscar.
USB 2.0 hubs tend to differentiate themselves from the competition by a combination of three main features.  There are hubs with different numbers of ports (4 and 7 being the favoured choices); a range of shapes such as rectangular or domed varieties; and colours of varying hues.  This divergence has resulted in numerous hubs being available from which users can make a choice to suit their own preferences.
This is far more than just a digital TV as it has a range of connectors enabling HD and perhaps at the size is ideal for connecting via VGA to a PC or notebook, I certainly tried them all.
I find it strange when a 32inch or greater TV has VGA connection as I doubt many would use it as a monitor apart from an emergency. But a 20inch I think is more than likely to be the reverse unless it is utilized in the bedroom. It is 49x38x6.5cm with a stand of 28x15cm that raises it 4cm above the desk or stand.
When walkies are out of the question but a puppy is top of your wish list then maybe a computer can come to your rescue.
While we may be regarded as a nation of pet lovers, not everybody's circumstances allow them to include one of the numerous household pets, especially the ever-popular dog, into their current lifestyle.  One possible solution to this "lack of a pet" dilemma could be to take advantage of a virtual pet such as provided by Puppy Luv.  This puppy on a PC offering is the number one selling virtual pet range for computer users.
Have you noticed how dust and dirt tends to congregate at the most inconvenient times and places? Perhaps a handheld cleaner is the answer.
One of the more successful examples of recent British ingenuity is that demonstrated by James Dyson and his desire to make things work better. Following his successful development of an industrial cyclone tower cleaner, which removed powder particles through the use of centrifugal forces that were 100,000 times greater than gravity, Dyson put to mind to producing a domestic appliance that used the same principle.
mio c620 gps satna

Mio DigiWalker C620

Mio do several units suitable for pedestrians with an average battery life between charges of four to five hours. This could be used handheld but only for occasional use as the battery life is less than two hours, this is certainly an in car unit.
My first question then is why is it called a DigiWalker? However lets assume there is a reason this seems to me to be a rather good unit. Trying to assume the role of someone who has never had a similar unit could I insert it in my car by using the 13 pages in the getting started guide that are in English, answer yes. Could I plan a simple route answer yes.
Yet another digital photo frame joins this increasingly popular category of adding an IT-based decorative addition to your home furniture.
Up until very recently, at the mention of Lite-On my thoughts would immediately focus on the company's optical disk technology.  After all I have reviewed a number of the company's optical drives in the past and my own PVR unit is a Lite-On HDD/DVD Recorder that I purchased when my VCR decided it preferred eating tapes rather than playing them.
This is a single unit with a speaker in each end, it can be run from the mains or from an internal rechargeable battery. Connection is by 3.5mm lead or by Bluetooth.
It is 23cm long 8cm tall and a maximum of 8cm deep. Each of the speakers are 5cm round and give a reasonable sound level although the description on the box of 'Portable Wireless Stereo Soundbox' gives the impression that the volume might be louder than it is. Fine when you are within a couple of metres in a quite room but the name of 'Parrot Party' gives the impression of more muscle.
If like me you thought Haynes only did manuals for people wanting to work on their cars, think again as here I am looking at two manuals for those wanting to work on PCís and notebooks.
Build Your Own Computer ISBN 978 1 84425 457 6 The authors of this 168 offering are Kyle MacRae and Gary Marshall. I see this is the third edition. The whole book/manual is interspaced with numerous illustrations and relevant tables. You immediately feel that the authors know their subject. After the introduction you go straight into Section 1 Planning the Perfect PC.
Oral hygiene is often a neglected task so maybe technology can help improve the situation.
Judging by various reports in the popular press, and backed up by the experiences of a couple of my relatives, access to a dentist as a National Health Service (NHS) patient has become increasingly difficult of late.  More and more dentists seem to be closing their doors to new NHS patients or even going completely over to the private sector.
samsung nv11 compact digital camer

Samsung Digital Camera NV11

Having recently reviewed the i70 that had a superb User Guide this came as a huge shock to have one of the worst printed user manuals I have seen. Shame really as the camera and itís abilities are superb should you ever get to know the NV11.
For those who say all small digital cameras are the same I can say they are certainly not. Touchscreen is just coming in to the range, this is not one of those, the mavority of others use a menuing system operated by a five position wheel not this camera. First the dimensions it is 10.5x6.5x4cm the last dimension the width is to the front of the lens this can increase by 3.5 when fully zoomed and the unit weights around 220grams. It is a black beauty.
Streaming your music collection to different rooms in your home is the task undertaken by a Logitech product.
Like many others, over time I have built up a large collection of MP3 song titles stored on my computer.  I hasten to add that all the various tracks have been legally purchased.  While this is a convenient method of storing a music collection, it does place certain restrictions on the ability to listen to the music.
Not noted for his love of speed, Michael Fereday checks out a street racing game.
Click image to enlarge ESR, or if you prefer the full title of European Str
Yesterday in London GE launched a range of Digital Cameras. Here I will tell you about what this new entry into an already crowded market has to offer in the weeks and months to come.
Click image to enlarge There are three distinct camera ranges I can surmise where the 'G' and 'E' got there names but am not sure about the 'A' but it is their entry level offerings that are powered by a couple of 'AA' batteries. The other two ranges have lithium batteries.
With several excellent web cam products available, United Pepper has taken a brave decision to release their Fairtrade version of this type of device.
Having recently introduced you to Oscar with its USB 2.0 facilities, it is now the turn of United Pepper's Lili webcam to take centre stage.  Like Oscar, Lili forms part of United Pepper's initial launch of Fairtrade and ecological friendly products as the company adds its own slant of normal design concepts for computer peripherals.
blueant supertooth voice bluetooth speaker phon

SuperTooth Voice handsfree kit

You still see a lot of people making calls from their mobile while steering with their other hand. This is now of course an offence in the UK. The answer is a hands free kit. Until recently these have involved installation of a wired device and was not cheap.
Recently though BlueTooth - the short range wireless standard - has come to the rescue with a number of solutions. The simplest of course is to use a . These often not geared to car use - and of course you have the problem of looking like a berk. BlueTooth headset The alternative is a BlueTooth speaker phone. There are a few on the market and here I'm reviewing the 'SuperTooth Voice' product.
corel paintshop pro photo x2 bo

Paint Shop Pro Photo X2

I first used a much earlier version of this software (that was a shareware product) umty uhmm years ago. Now it bears little resemblance to that early challenger in the photo manipulation field, in fact the interface initially looks very different to Paint Shop Pro Photo XI the previous offering.
It was a long time ago that I learned roman numerals but I'm fairly certain that XI should be followed by XII and not X2, do I assume that next year will be X3 as they did with Corel Graphics just to avoid the number that goes between 12 and 14. First the all important amount of space on your hard disc. I found 940MB taken by the 13 minute install on a reasonably fast PC. This needs to be XP or Vista.
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