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Boiling a cup of water is quicker than boiling a full kettle so saving on time and energy consumption. That's the idea behind the Tefal Quick Cup.
Saving energy is important for both conservation issues and, especially with the ever-increasing spiral of rising costs, financial concerns.  Arriving with accreditation from the Energy Saving Trust, the Tefal Quick Cup product offers to help by delivering a significant reduction in energy consumption when compared against that of the average kettle.
adobe photoshop cs4 extende

Adobe Photoshop CS4 Coming Soon

I first saw a very early build of the new version of CS4 at the start of August but I was prevented from telling about it till now. There are of course lots of new goodies large and small and when I finally get a copy I will tell you in detail about some of them.
As always there are a series of different products (six I understand) but here let's concentrate first on Photoshop CS4. Content Aware is an amazing feature - if it works as shown - in the one slide I have seen, the scenario four people running along a beach spaced out in the original, this is then altered to fit a column and although the image has a lot less width and more height all are still shown more or less in situ.
Keeping in touch with friends and family has never been easier with the wide range of communication devices that are currently available. A recent addition to home-based communication is the Gigaset S675.
Adding to the Siemens range of DECT phones is the black and silver Gigaset S675 model.  Consisting of a base station, which can be wall-mounted or free-standing, and a handset, this DECT phone features an integrated calendar, address book, SMS functionality and an answering machine.  It also brings a splash of colour to the user experience.
myvu crystal iPod video glasses ambe

MyVu Crystal video glasses

All the latest generation iPods, with exception of the tiny shuffle, are capable of video storage and playback. This can be an excellent way of passing time, either on long trips or even if you're having trouble sleeping.
I'm a complete convert to video on the move with around 20 hours of my favourite videos on my . I've watched on the train and in a camp-site during particularly bad weather. I've even used it on a car journey to keep the kids entertained. There is however a problem - it's not comfortable watching the iPod screen for any length of time. It's not the quality of the screen, which is brilliant. It's having to either hold the screen up to watch (if laying down) or a sore neck having to look down.
Huge Plastacine rabbits, thatís what I think of when I think of the latest Sony TVís they were used to promote the vivid colours that these are capable of. Of course they are great TVís but are they worth the premium the name brings.
This is the KDL-32E4000 the instruction book lists seventeen models that all work the same way, maybe that says something that a whole range from 26 to 52 inch operate without difference. There is of course one that the screen will operate at a lower resolution for models less than 37 inches. I am told there are a couple of 32 inch around that work at 1080 but this is the first one I have reviewed.
While most photo frames are larger maybe there is a place for a smaller one. Secondly a solar mobile phone charger that can hold enough charge for two complete charges of almost any mobile phone.
This is a unit from Cenomax. Mine was cream in colour with a reflective surround to the viewable area. It is 9.5x7.5x1.3cm. The actual screen is 7x5.4cm giving the notional 3.5inch diagonal measurement. It has a rechargeable battery but even though the charge method is USB no PC is required as the lead goes to a special 13amp plug so all that is required to recharge it is a mains socket.
Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to look at a number of multi-function or all Ėin-one printers from various manufacturers. However this is the first time that the product comes with the Kodak brand.
The Kodak ESP 3 is an all-in-one printer that immediately catches the eye due to its clean-cut appearance.  Box shaped with curved edges, and measuring 422 x 298 x 173mm, the combination of matt and reflective black, with a patterned top, certainly gives a stylish look to this piece of kit. As is standard with all-in-one devices, the ESP 3 brings together a printer with a scanner and includes photocopying capabilities.
Normally you would get my opinion as an experienced computer user but a very basic musician. Here something different the view of a very experienced musician but almost a computer novice.
My friend Don has been a semi pro musician (keyboard player) for more than forty years. He has only a few years computing knowledge and only a few months with Broadband. He had some software by Finale -Print Music- but he always wanted more than it could give, and Sibelius will import Print Music files. So around five months ago I gave him Sibelius 5.
In the past I have checked out various digital voice recorders from different manufacturers but this is the first time that the voice recorder bears the LINDY brand name.
It was certainly not what I expected when I requested a review unit.  Unlike the other voice recorders, this LINDY Wireless Voice Recorder requires to be connected to a computer running appropriate software before you gain access to its functionality which is rather restrictive when compared to some other voice recording devices.
Remote control flying devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The latest offering to fall into my hands is a mini-helicopter.
My skill, or perhaps lack of skill would be a more appropriate description, as a helicopter pilot is renowned in my family circle.  Amusement is rife as I make valiant attempts to perform even the most basic manoeuvres of flight with various remote control flying machines.  In my defence I do try to claim that I am testing the crash capabilities (of which I am an expert) of the current device but this feeble attempt at justification rarely succeeds.
lg kc550 mobile phone 5M pixel camer

LG KC550 Mobile Phone

This is another in a growing band of phones with a 5mega pixel camera. While I doubt this will ever replace a digital camera for a photographer but, as everyone always seems to take their mobile phone with them it can be where a digital camera is not.
This phone certainly has a solid feel. It is 10x5x1.5 when closed and this increases by another 3.5cm when the screen is moved up to reveal the 12 key keypad. The phone weights 90grams. The screen on the KC550 is 4.9x3.8cm and is clear and easy to read. The first unusual thing is a slide on the rear that hides/exposes the 5 megapixel auto focus camera lens. When pulled down it exposes not only the lens but the flash and the self image mirror.
As your hard drive is probably the slowest component of your computer system, it certainly makes sense to ensure you are getting the maximum possible response from this device.
One way to help is to ensure that the drive is regularly defragmented so that files are stored contiguously rather than being scattered willy-nilly in different locations.  The situation of files being broken up and scattered to various locations on your drive occurs through the normal use of the operating system.  Rather than spend time looking for a space large enough to accommodate a file, the operating system will fill up spaces with portions of a file.
humax pvr 9150T personal hdd digital video recorde

Humax PVR-9150T

This new Personal Video Recorder (PVR) from Humax provides 160Gbytes of storage, enough for around 100 hours of recorded TV.
The PVR-9150T joins the established and the PVR-9300 product. We were impressed with the 9200 - it was the products stability and reliability that made it stand out from the crowd as much as price and features. Connections on the 9150 have been significantly simplified from those of it's older stable-mate and it's clear that this product is aimed at the majority of people that want an easy to use, no fuss video recorder that attaches to their TV with the minimum of hassle.
Here I am looking at the latest offering from Pure Digital the One Mini. Just as this arrived Pure announced they had sold 2,000,000 DAB radios this is of course DAB but also FM and you can connect an iPod or portable CD.
It is 14x13x6cm a lot smaller than most DAB/FM units, probably the reason for the name 'Mini'. It has an eight piece rod aerial that increases the second figure the height by 44cm if it is extended vertically. The rear has input for the A/C adapter, there is a battery bay but this can only accept a 'ChargePAK' and not standard alkaline batteries. The top has six silvered buttons, the large one on the left on/off and the other five all labelled as to their job.
brando 4 in 1 usb web cam with fa

Webcam and Fan

Yes now with this rather good quality webcam and microphone on a stand you also get an electronic fan to keep you cool while you have your video conversations. You can of course use either one individually.
It looks rather futuristic on its chromed articulated arms that can be bent to whatever position you require. The camera can be as much as 18cm from the base. While the microphone that emerges on its own chromed articulated lead from the base of the camera and is 12cm. Yet another chromed articulated lead emerges from the base and this is 12cm with the fan on its end there is a small push button to operate the fan on the base. The base is 6.
While headphones are a very convenient way of listening to your music it's good sometimes to go for the more traditional approach and listen through speakers. The EQ5 from Motorola are a small set of stereo Bluetooth speakers that double up as a speaker-phone.
The Motorokr EQ5 definitely fits into the portable category measuring 115x65x15mm (WxHxD) - almost identical to the iPod Touch. Very easy to slip into a pocket or bag. Build and design quality are both very good with a black fascia and silver trim and this is matched by a pretty good, although bass-light sound. A small but surprisingly stable wire stand folds out from the rear.
Rather than upgrading your notebook to one of the all-singing, all-dancing models, you could opt to improve its audio quality with the addition of a small device from Terratec.
Adding to its extensive range of TV, video and audio based products, Terratec has recently introduced a USB media card as part of its Aureon brand range. This new product is the Aureon Dual USB device which has been designed to add multi media centre capabilities to your desktop/notebook system. The kit consists of an 82mm USB stick, black in colour, and a small adaptor for use with optical digital output.
dane elect zpen digital pe

Dane-Elec Zpen

Often taking notes is discouraged simply because to make then permanent needs transcribing. One solution is a notebook or even a Tablet PC. These however are heavy and normally quite expensive. The Zpen from Dane-Elec is another somewhat cheaper option.
You write on a sheet of paper with the special pen and all your strokes are recorded in what looks like a paper clip, plug this clip into a USB port and then you can see what you had written on the paper on a PC screen. At this point it can be saved as a graphic or even a PDF file. Run another piece of provided software and it could even turn into text. This last piece of software works a little like OCR software works on printed output works on scanned input.
rowenta prelude kettl

Rowenta Prelude Kettle

Giving my trusty old electric kettle a holiday, allowed me the opportunity to check out a new stainless steel model from Rowenta.
Whether you favour tea, coffee or maybe a combination of the two (although not at the same time or in the same cup), a supply of hot water is essential to satisfy your choice of beverage.  One possible solution to supplying this hot water could be the Rowenta Prelude.  This stainless steel kettle has a capacity of 1.7 litres. Its description as a cordless kettle does raise the question of how the water is heated if there is no cord to connect to a power source.
If certain products can help improve your memory then perhaps something similar could be used to benefit your computerís memory and its way of working.
Based in , O&O Software has been in the business of developing tools for use with Windows since 1997.  Sold in over 50 countries, these tools cover various aspects of Windows operating system including cache management and the use of memory with its O&O CleverCache product which is now up to version 6.
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