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570270 ion lp 2 cd record player converto


If you just want to transfer LP content to a PC and then create MP3 files then he ION USB Record deck reviewed in December will do what you want. However should you want something that does the lot without the aid of a PC and lets you end up with audio CD’s then this could be for you.
This is quite a substantial unit and has a far more solid feel than the previously reviewed USB version ( ). It is 44x42x16cm with the mains lead inserted in the rear. It also has a pair of Line Out and a pair of Line In sockets and a USB socket on the rear. The Line In to allow you to input signals from other devices such as a Mini Disc or Cassette deck.
Sometimes you could be forgiven for thinking that mobile music was the sole preserve of the iPod but there are other devices often with a far more attractive price point.
Size, as we all know, isn’t everything – a truism that is perfectly illustrated by the Sansa Clip.  This is a tiny MP3 player measuring 55 x 35 x 16mm.  The Sansa Clip is available in a choice of colours such as Black, Candy Apple Red, Hot Pink, Silver and Ice Blue with capacities of 1GB, 2GB or 4GB.  This review is based on the silver 4GB model.
For those who have not already encountered him, let me introduce you to Mortimer Beckett. Following his first appearance in the episode of the Spooky Manor, our intrepid adventurer is once again called upon by his uncle to help resolve a problem of chronological significance.
Developed by Paprikari and published by Real Arcade, Mortimer Beckett and the Time Paradox brings together elements of hidden object, puzzle solving and object replacement spread through various time periods and geographical locations.  This time the task involves a trip through time to find a Time Bomb which has been broken into pieces.  Our hero will need to bring together the pieces of the Time Bomb and close a time portal before disaster strikes.
570232 lg flatron M2294D LCD TV Monito

LG Flatron M2294D

This is described as a ‘Wide LCD TV Monitor’ but apart from being able to display Analogue and Digital TV it can also be used as a computer monitor and can also accept both Analogue and Digital input and has a range of other connections on its back.
The LG Flatron M2294D is 51x39x7cm and totally black and has a 19x26cm stand that raises it around 6cm from whatever it is resting on. It has no side to side movement but can tilt back close to 20 degrees and forward by around half that. The actual screen size is 30x47 giving the notional 22inch diagonal measurement. It is very light to move around at under 5.5 kilos.
Put together an 18-inch display, Blu-ray drive, Intel Core 2 Duo processor packaged inside a Gemstone Blue design and the result will be the Acer Aspire 8920 which is currently residing on my work space.
Unlike most Medion kit that is sold through Aldi where if you are not queuing on the day they go on sale before the store opens you don’t get one this tiny notebook is one of two currently being sold by Sainsbury’s both online and in their larger stores.
This is the third Netbook I have reviewed both the others (Acer and Asus) were running Linux this however runs Windows XP Home. It is 25.5x17.5x3.5cm and weights only 1130grams. It is totally black apart from the area surrounding the keyboard that is silver/grey. The screen is 22.5x13cm giving the notional diagonal measurement of 10.2inches. The screen resolution runs in 1024x600 but it has a VGA port and runs a second monitor/panel without problems at a higher resolution should it be required.
Here I am looking at iPod docks from Pure (the DAB radio people) and from Gear 4. Both seem to work with most iPods and of course both will charge the iPod while it sits in place playing or not providing you have mains power. Similar products but aimed for slightly different jobs.
When this arrived it was a shock – as I had not asked for it – but mainly because it was a new departure for Pure. There are certainly the best known name in DAB radio and indeed certain of there units do have docks. Pure EcoPlus is their stab at saving the planet. Reduced power consumption in both operation and standby, materials from sustainable sources and or recycled. Less packaging and components selected to lessen environmental impact. More details at . The dock itself is 7.
As befits technology, its sphere of influence continues to spread through the use of different mediums. While wireless and cable connectivity continues to hold sway, sometimes these methods do not meet the need of users.
When setting up a home network you do need to consider which connectivity method is most appropriate for your particular circumstances.  If the though of laying cables from system to system located in various rooms does not appeal and your environment is not conducive to wireless connectivity or you are worried about security issues then a third alternative might appeal.
570229 hannsg HG221A 22inch widescreen multimedia LCD monito

Hanns-G 22inch HG221A

A 22inch panel from Hanns-G that looks pleasant enough with its silver/grey surround. It has small powered speakers that are probably enough for beeps and notifications but not really enough for music or for conversations via Skype.
It is 51x34x7cm, the latter figure is the maximum width. There is a circular stand (22.5cm) that lifts the panel 6cm from the desk. The screen itself is 47x29.5cm giving the notional 22inch diagonal measurement. Although there is no side to side movement there is good backward and forward movement so providing you are located within about 150 degrees of a central position you should be able to view the screen clearly.
The needs of multimedia and telephony based applications tend to differ with regards to various settings. Sandberg believes it has a possible solution to circumvent this problem.
Recently I have looked at a number of products from Sandberg, a Danish company involved in the development of various computer accessories that are distributed in the UK by Interactive Ideas.  Generally the purpose and functionality of these devices is fairly evident from their title but not always.  For example this next product is a USB device that goes by the name of ChatSet.
Where do toys go when left to their own devices? It is a question that has confounded some of the world’s greatest thinkers but not those who are young at heart.
As any child will tell you, toys have a habit of moving from where ever they were left at the end of play time.  In some cases this movement is as a result of mum doing the tidying up but not always.  Rather than being returned to a central storage area such as a toy box, some toys simple disappear altogether.  One theory is that these missing toys reappear in a mysterious location known as Neverland.
Say the word ‘A3’ and most immediately think too big or too heavy or probably both. Well it will not fit where I review A4 units – no surprise there – but it sits in the doorway to my office quite happily and it just needs an extension on the USB lead, I am no superman but I unpacked and moved it into place on my own.
As one of the main means of communicating with the computer, the keyboard offers manufacturers the opportunity to devise various combinations of features.
Joining the numerous keyboards that have spent time on my desktop and being unjustly blamed for my poor typing skills is the Wireless Touchpad Keyboard from Sandberg.  This is a USB device that combines standard keyboard facilities with multimedia and application short-cut keys plus the touchpad feature that is standard on notebook / laptop units.
This is a tiny MP3 player that also can make voice recordings. Although it is tiny the screen is still very readable and with battery life of close to twenty hours between recharge it certainly has things in its favour.
Firstly it is small enough to fit in the palm of the smallest hand. It is 4cm wide and tall and only a smidgen over 1cm thick, the weight (before you attach the earbuds) is just 27grams. The top has on/off and back buttons as well as the 3.5mm jack socket. The right side has the volume up and down buttons and the rather good pin hole microphone. The bottom has the hold slider switch and another pin hole marked reset.
Two more items from those clever people in Hong Kong. First a 3D optical mouse with a built in card reader and second a USB set of traffic lights, exactly what the latter does you will have to read on to find out.
This looks like a standard two button mouse (black) with a grey scroll wheel in between. It has a 1.5metre lead so plenty of lead for the average user. The secret is the hole in the rear that accepts SD cards, it also accepts Mini SD and Micro SD (the sort found in the majority of mobile phones) by using one of the two adapters provided with the product. It is 10.5x5.5x3cm, the top is black, the base is black and where the two meet is clear to give a sort of view into the innards.
Now at the ripe old age of 17 years, Adobe Acrobat and its PDF (Portable Document Format) technology is the established lingua franca of the world of electronic documents.
During the past 17 years, the Adobe Acrobat software has undergone various changes and make-overs as user demands and competition from third-parties has increased. The latest version of this software, Adobe Acrobat 9, is no exception. In fact it could be said that this version is the result of a major overhaul with regards to new features and improved performance. As is standard with Adobe Acrobat, users have a choice of products depending upon their individual needs.
569545 gear4 houseparty 4 fron

Gear4 House Party 4

This is an iPod dock with speakers behind. It is of course also able to play MP3 files from an MP3 player and it also has an FM radio. So far it has refused to do the washing up, the vacuuming or even the dusting.
It is 27x13x13cm however the last figure the width can be as little as 4.5cm at the top. There is a small section towards the top of the black fabric that allows a red LED screen to show through this says which mode you are in. Aux, FM or iPod. If you insert an iPod into the dock it automatically charges it and if you were listening to the radio it changes to the iPod. You then have to press a button to return to the radio.
Lexmark has added wireless connectivity to the normal print, scan and copy aspects of a multi-function device.
The Lexmark X4875 is a box-shaped multi-function device that describes itself as a Wireless 3-in-1 unit.  Combining various shades of grey with a reflective cream topping, the X4875’s measurement are 178 x 454 x 351mm (H x W x D) and the unit weighs in at 7.1kg. As is the standard arrangement, the flatbed scanner unit is mounted on top of the printer.  Paper is loaded at the rear, with the paper slot capable of holding up to 100 sheets, and ejected from the front of the unit.
An opera singer, chatty bat, numerous rats and gargoyles all feature in an adventure that harks back to the style introduced by LucasArts
This is a tiny PC (size wise) of course if you have not got all the bits that connect then the price it costs will increase a good deal. All you get is the PC and a digital to analogue converter, so you need to find keyboard, mouse monitor/panel, CD/DVD drive and speakers.
The Asus Eee Box B202 measures 22x18x2.7cm and weights 1180 grams. Mine was black and as it is designed to work vertically looks a little like a book. All the connections are on the back and the front with the sides bare and the top and bottom having only ventilation holes. The rear has (from the top) wireless aerial, DC input, digital monitor/panel connection (as stated above digital to analogue connector is supplied), two USB ports, Ethernet port and Line In.
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