731281 tuneup_utilities_201TuneUp Utilities 2014

Published in Software by mfereday on Nov 30, 2013
While “familiarity breeds contempt” might not totally be the appropriate comment, in some respect it could apply in this situation. After all the more we use our Windows computers, the less responsive they become when reacting to our needs and commands. Often we are kept waiting for a boot-up sequence to be completed and programs, which previously loaded speedily, now appear to crawl as if they are spending time admiring the innards of the computer and its operating system. Of course we could

731283 honestech stopmotion studio Stopmotion Studio 4.0

Published in Software by mfereday on Nov 28, 2013
A flip book was the method use to create moving images when I was a child. Now modern technology can be used to create a similar effect.

727382 norton internet security 201Always Up-to-Date Norton

Published in Software by mfereday on Nov 23, 2013
As part of its family of protection software, Norton has released the latest version of its popular Norton Internet Security product.

727381 corel paintshop pro x6 ultimatAn Old, Old Favourite

Published in Software by mfereday on Nov 21, 2013
In its various versions, Paint Shop Pro has been a regular resident on my computer systems dating back to its Shareware days. This product is now a popular member of the Corel family.

726482 Adobe Premiere Elements 1Premiere Elements 12

Published in Software by mfereday on Nov 19, 2013
Like Adobe Photoshop Elements 12, Adobe Premiere Elements 12 is a less powerful and more economic version of one of Adobe’s marketing leading products used by many professional users. So if you feel that Adobe Premiere video editing software is too expensive for your current financial situation then you might like to consider Adobe Premiere Elements 12 which could well be within your budget range.

726480 adobe Photoshop Elements 1Photoshop Elements 12

Published in Software by mfereday on Nov 16, 2013
While the tool of choice for many professionals working with digital images is Adobe Photoshop, the pricing of this product puts it out of the reach of mere mortals. Fortunately Adobe, being aware of the financial restraints many of us have to work under and still wishing to draw more customers into its family, has developed a more economic but less powerful offering. This is Photoshop Elements which is now up to version 12 and is available in either Windows

726481 acronis true image 201Acronis True Image 2014

Published in Software by mfereday on Nov 14, 2013
It is your responsibility to make sure your data is kept safe. A scheduled back-up process can help in this respect.

Norton All-Round Protection

Published in Software by mfereday on Nov 9, 2013
received an email recently which reminded me that there was a task that required my immediate attention. This email informed me that my Norton 360 subscription had expired and I was no longer protected. This wake up call was just the impetus I needed to make sure the next product under review would be the latest version of Norton 360 which provides antivirus and Internet protection for up to three devices.

720697 cyberlink director suite CyberLink Director Suite 2

Published in Software by mfereday on Oct 17, 2013
Bringing together the latest versions of four of its software products, CyberLink has created a new version of its Director Suite offering.

720695 serif photostack photo editing softwarA New Serif Product

Published in Software by mfereday on Oct 15, 2013
When Serif adds a new product to its portfolio of graphic based offerings (WebPlus, PagePlus, DrawPlus and MoviePlus to mention just some), you could be forgiven for expecting this new title to feature the Word “Plus” as part of its name. However this is not the case with this particular new title. As this software is concerned with photo editing and management, the obvious title would have been PhotoPlus but Serif already has a product with this name. Therefore the company has

716191 nero 2014 premiuNero 2014 Platinum

Published in Software by mfereday on Oct 10, 2013
As Nero fiddled, it is claimed, while Rome burned, so the software of the same name will burn your multimedia content and other data to optical media. This feature, however, has been just one element of the Nero software for a while now as other features have been added to create a multimedia suite offering. Rather than stick with the numbering system that was used with earlier versions of this software, Nero has opted to switch to a date designation with the latest versio

706203 magix designer pro xDesigner Pro X 9

Published in Software by mfereday on Sep 19, 2013
Now part of the MAGIX family, Xara has released the latest version of its flagship graphics product.

706040 cyberlink media suite 11 ultrMedia Suite 11 Deluxe

Published in Software by mfereday on Sep 5, 2013
Offering users a one-stop shop for their media needs, CyberLink has released the latest version of its Media Suite product.

698204 Microsoft Word 2013 Step by SteGetting Started With Word 2013

Published in Software by adrianmorant on Jul 22, 2013
“Step by Step” and “Plain & Simple” are two Word 2013 books from the Microsoft Press. As well as teaching the new user how to use the program, they each also cover new features which increase Word’s versatility especially in the areas of cooperation. They each adopt a different approach and so one can choose the one that best suits one’s needs.

697212 cyberlink power dvd 13 ultrCyberlink Power DVD 13

Published in Software by paul_smart on Jul 19, 2013
The number ‘13’ and some peoples idea that it is unlucky means they go from 12 to 14 or as more than one company has done go from 12 to XIII. Whatever you feel a software package that has had that number of incarnations must be mature.

696009 xara photo graphic designer 201Photo and Graphics Designer 9

Published in Software by mfereday on Jul 16, 2013
Now part of the MAGIX family, Xara’s flagship graphics photo and designer product has reached version 9.

693423 Xara Photo and  Graphic DesigneXara's Helpful Imagery

Published in Software by adrianmorant on June 24, 2013
Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 9 does what it says on the tin and is aimed at having broad appeal. On the basis that not all users are experts, it incorporates extensive help and guidance which is so important to enable new users to edit their photos and get to work with their drawings. It also incorporates the wide range of features that will satisfy the needs of the advanced user.

Driving Test for ‘i’ Devices

Published in Software by paul_smart on June 23, 2013
While I have reviewed similar products on a PC there are probably an awful lot of younger people that live with their ‘i’ device. While the cost of Apps for these devices is minimal if you sell a lot of them then you make a lot of money.

Capturing Video Action

Published in Software by mfereday on June 20, 2013
Having destroyed the alien invaders or rescued hostages being held captive by terrorists, you might want to share your achievements with others. This next title offers to help you record your success for posterity.

692032 MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 201Audio Cleaning Lab 2013

Published in Software by mfereday on June 18, 2013
As technology advances, so older formats tend to go unsupported. However sometimes help is available to convert the older formats into one that can be used on modern equipment.

691504 windows 8 the missing manuaFinding Windows 8

Published in Software by adrianmorant on June 9, 2013
Now that Windows 8 is well and truly here -- even though an updated version will probably be out within the year -- there is a need for a detailed manual. This is particularly important because it is a significant redesign focussed on a touch-screen interface. "Windows 8 The Missing Manual" should meets the needs of power users as well as the rest of us who need to get to grips with this new environment.