864556 acronis true image 2016 backup softwarAcronis 2016

Published in Software by paul_smart on Oct 7, 2015
Everyone needs backups, no ifs no buts no maybes, backups are essential. If you have gone through life without needing one so far you are lucky, very lucky. In fact maybe you would like to go halves on a lottery ticket, but one day you will need a backup.

864560 paintshop pro x8 ultimatCorel PaintShop Pro X8 Ultimate

Published in Software by paul_smart on Oct 2, 2015
In a previous life this was one of the first really useful products. Corel came out with their excellent CorelDRAW product and made the purchase of PaintShop Pro an early capture and now this is a very mature product at version 18 (X8).

864561 panda global protection 201Panda Global Protection 2016

Published in Software by paul_smart on Sep 30, 2015
The days of this being just an Anti-Virus product are long gone. In fact the only products that seem to have only Anti-Virus are the free ones and even then when you update them you have to be careful to click the correct box or you get the whole package and then you will start paying.

864278 Nero TuneItUNero TuneIt Up

Published in Software by paul_smart on Sep 9, 2015
This is a piece of software that in its basic form anyone can download for FREE. I tend to be rather suspicious of any software that claims to speed up your PC, in fact hardly a month goes by without me being offered such items, normally from an unknown source.

863929 Xara photo and graphic designer 1Photo & Graphics Designer 11

Published in Software by mfereday on Sep 5, 2015
Not to be confused with a similarly entitled graphics product from the same company, Xara Photo & Graphics Designer 11 combines elements of creative design and photo editing software within a single package.

Upgrading to Windows 10

Published in Software by paul_smart on Jul 29, 2015
A few days before the 29th July I was send a USB with a ‘late build’ of Windows 10. As with all major alterations I approached this with more than a little trepidation, below is the story of what happened on Monday 27th July 2015.

842115 ABBYY PDF Transformer pluA PDF Solution

Published in Software by mfereday on June 24, 2015
The de facto standard for electronic documents is PDF. Software for the creation and working with such files can cost from £400 downwards. This review is based on a product costing under £60.

842031 filemaker pro 1FileMaker Pro 14

Published in Software by mfereday on June 23, 2015
Computer databases have come a long way since those of early days of the D-Base products developed by Aston Tate with libraries of instructional books written on the subject. While the ability to store and correlate different types of data might not be the sexiest task, it still serves an important role for both the home and office user.

841891 cyberlink power DVD 1Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra 15

Published in Software by paul_smart on June 15, 2015
Like several Cyberlink products this is very mature and so you should not expect mind blowing new features, however you do get increased speed and slicker functionality with tweaks and improvements to what was already a powerful product.

841492 cyberlink powerdvd 15 video editing softwarPowerDVD 15

Published in Software by mfereday on May 23, 2015
Ever since it was founded in 1996, CyberLink Corp has built up a reputation as a world leading consumer multimedia software company. A recent release from the company is its PowerDVD product which is now at version 15.

841218 avg tune up utilities 201AVG PC TuneUp 2015

Published in Software by mfereday on May 7, 2015
It is good bye and hello to a software application that has formed a regular part of my computer system for a number of years now.

840789 cyberlink power2go 1Power2Go 10 Platinum

Published in Software by paul_smart on Apr 5, 2015
This is the latest version of a product from Cyberlink it is called Power2Go and it burns and backs up, yes I know the latter is a bore but if you have not got a current working backup and the worst happens then your digital life ends.

839066 nero 2015 platinuNero 2015 Platinum

Published in Software by paul_smart on Jan 25, 2015
I first came across a crippled version of Nero tied to a CD-Writer. I have used various versions ever since and I still do to write CD’s, I know how it works and it has one very useful function that other writing software does not have.

838953 bullguaard internet securitBullGuard Protection

Published in Software by mfereday on Jan 10, 2015
Whatever the type of threat, it is up to you to ensure your computer is protected with a product such as developed by BullGuard.

838710 corel winzip 19 prWinZip 19 Pro

Published in Software by mfereday on Jan 6, 2015
Now firmly entrenched as part of the Corel family of products, the latest version of WinZip is now available.

838812 acronis true image 201Acronis True Image 2015

Published in Software by paul_smart on Jan 4, 2015
I have seen several versions of this software over the years, all were previously tied to a hard disc that enabled you to clone a disc to your new hardware. Here this is the full boxed version that not unsurprisingly can to this and much more.

838707 cyberlink director suite Taking the Director’s Chair

Published in Software by mfereday on Jan 1, 2015
With four main components and plenty of free add-ons, this next title will certainly take over a sizeable chunk of your hard disk.

837637 adobe photoshop elements 1Photoshop Elements 13

Published in Software by mfereday on Dec 23, 2014
While Adobe is intent on herding its business and professional clientele towards the Cloud with its Creative Cloud offering and various CS services, the more budget conscious consumer customer can opt for a product such as the company’s popular Photoshop Elements

837356 BitDefender Total Security 201Bitdefender 2015

Published in Software by mfereday on Dec 9, 2014
Like other important events such as Christmas, birthdays and the like, new versions of anti-virus and Internet security products appear, like clockwork, on an annual basis.

837854 Kaspersky Internet Security 201Kaspersky Internet Security

Published in Software by paul_smart on Dec 7, 2014
As the year draws to close many software companies make sure that 2015 versions of their software are on the dealer’s shelves. Internet Security is one such product, with virus writers now getting more destructive so must our guardians be more vigilant.

837246 norton security anti virus softwarNorton Security

Published in Software by mfereday on Dec 4, 2014
It is your responsibility to keep your computer safe from those who are intent on gaining unauthorised access.